Happy Sweet 16, Oops… I Did It Again!

One of the most iconic teen pop songs of the early 2000s is now in its teen prime itself. This past weekend, Oops… I Did It Again turned Sweet Sixteen! (For you hardcore BritBits, that’s the song, not the album: it was released in May.) There are now full-blown, driving-eligible humans who were not even born yet when the single was released. In honor of the big(?) event, here are 16 facts about Oops… I Did It Again or Britney Jean Spears herself. I like to think of this as the point during MTV’s Super Sweet 16 (remember THAT?) where the girls would say what or whom each candle was for.

  1. According to the Britney Spears trading card I somehow ended up with as a teen (and which someone posted!), Brit’s favorite color was baby blue and she loved cookie dough ice cream. BTW, baby blue was THE trendy favorite color in 1998-2001. I believe Aaliyah liked it, too. Yet I can’t remember my bank password without answering where my parents met.

2. Britney followed up Oops… with Lucky, a song that was very deep and soulful according to me at age 13. It was about a girl named Lucky who cry, cry, cries in her lonely heart. It was clearly about Brit herself, I figured. 

3. You may think that starting a song title with “oops” is a wacky choice, but it was actually an early 2000s micro-trend: Oops (Oh My) by Tweet (feat. Missy Elliot) came out in 2002.

4. Ellipses, believe it or not, are slightly more popular. Classic children’s album Free to Be… You And Me aside, if you’re old enough to remember 2000 Britney, you’re old enough to remember the 90s songs Can I Touch You…There and Said I Loved You… But I Lied. Both are by Michael Bolton, who really did love a good ellipses.

5. Nigel Dick, the director of the Oops… I Did It Again music video, was MTV royalty at the time: along with numerous music videos, he was the director of 2ge+her. He was Brit’s go-to director (Baby One More Time, Sometimes, Crazy) but also crossed over to “rivals” Jessica Simpson and Mandy Moore.

6. The concept of the music video for Oops… I Did It Again was all Britney’s idea. She was like, “I want to be on Mars, dancing on Mars.” [Source.]

7. The red jumpsuit in Oops.. marked a more grownup look for Britney. She worked with one of Michael Jackson’s costumers to create the leather jumpsuit.

8. I know Billboard rankings are technically more important, but in 2000 it was all about TRL. Throughout April and May of 2000, Oops… I Did It Again traded the #1 spot with Bye Bye Bye by N Sync and The Real Slim Shady by Eminem. (I just got a vivid memory of insisting on watching TRL on the downstairs tv when my dad had just got home from work and wanted to relax and watch something dad-ish, and I feel very sorry for being such a little brat.) Another song on the top of the TRL list at the time: It’s Gonna Be Me, which hit the TRL number one IN MAY. Mind blown.

9. When Oops… I Did It Again was released, Britney was already dating Justin Timberlake. We were a few years away from the matching Canadian Tuxedos, but right during the Oops era they took a trip to a very ’00 Bloomingdale’s and FAO Shwarz. Do you want to see? Here:

10. Oops… I Did It Again was parodied by a super young Saoirse Ronan in I Could Never Be Your Woman, a Michelle Pheiffer film directed by Amy Heckerling.

11. Titanic Mania was so strong (we told you!) that Brit dropped an entirely inappurtenant Titanic reference in the middle of a song TWO YEARS LATER and we were all just like “yeah, that seems timely and logical.” When asked what she wanted to do about that interlude in the music video, Britney told the director “don’t worry, you’ll sort it out.”

12. That hot astronaut who gave Britney the Heart Of The Ocean? He’s a surgeon now. That’s one great way to pay off those med school loans.

13. The video was choreographed by So You Think You Can Dance favorite Wade Robson.

14. It’s SO much easier to learn choreography in this Youtube era: in 2000 you’d have to record videos on VHS tapes and keep rewinding til you had the moves down. If you argue that you didn’t HAVE to record anything, you probably weren’t a 13 year old girl. Anyway, if you never learned the choreography in 2000, you can still do it:

15. According to a particularly wacky Internet rumor, Britney’s song was a cover of one recorded by – get this – Louis Armstrong. Snopes has knocked that one down.

16. When the album Oops… I Did It Again debuted, it set the record for first week sales by a female artist. The record still stands today, although Taylor Swift’s 1989 came within less than 9,000 sales of Britney’s album.


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