Saturday Spotlight: Pre-Lemonade Speculation

  • Life may give you lemons, but Queen Bey gives you Lemonade, a mystery program airing tonight on HBO. We have some wild guesses for what it might be – but I swear, this better not be like that time she appeared on morning television to tell us about a diet.
  • No HBO (or HBO GO password to steal from your parents)? No problem! HBO is free this weekend. Lemonade-related marketing ploy? Yes. Who cares. It’s great.
  • Clues: it has something to do with braids and a coat in a … parking garage maybe? Can anyone read the graffiti on the wall? Does it say couch? I’m going to need a Nancy Drew here because I’m not even Bess.
  • If you want a general spoiler about what’s in Lemonade, here it is. No details, but.
  • Remember when worlds collided and Bey performed Purple Rain with Prince himself? Almost too much for one stage.

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