Saturday Spotlight: Broadway Babies

  • Theater kid in the 90s? Then you’ll remember the Annie Casting Controversy of 97, when contest winner Joanna Pacitti was replaced by an understudy just weeks before the Broadway opening. No? Brush up on the (now totally moot) scandal here.
  • Just assuming that if you’re reading this, you’re a current or former drama nerd.  If so, you should be listening to the Theater People Podcast, which has legit all of the best guests from the theater world. Former 90s theater kids will ESPECIALLY want to check out the episodes with OG Mary Lennox, Daisy Eagan, who is now a fun and quick-witted adult
  • Want to catch up on former Annie cast members today? There’s a great documentary about that – Life After Tomorrow – but here’s a 20/20 clip until you track it down:

  • Andrea McArdle and Aileen Quinn in one room… and they didn’t have a Tomorrow-off. Maybe next time:

  • Another sign you were a 90s theater kid: you knew of Lea Michele long before Spring Awakening, when she was just a Little Girl. This interview reminds me why so many people cannot stand stage kids, though.


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