Saturday Spotlight: Countdown To Back To TV Week


It’s May. Season finales are airing. And over here, our eyes are already on fall premieres (or, as we celebrate it, back to TV week.) There’s actually some good news: we looked at your new 2016 favorites and for the first time in a long time, there are a lot of new shows we’re really excited about! Since it’s network TV, there’s also bad news: CBS passed on Nancy Drew because it was “too female” – but really, I think, because they’re a network that grossly misuderestimates (thanks for that one, George W., what a gift) the average, Middle American audience.


I’m not even sure what I’m doing tonight, but in TV land, the fall schedule is already set in stone. So check now, before you find out your favorite show was moved to an “all new night and time” (they always say it like it’s a good thing, but I can’t be the only one with a finely-calibrated TV schedule).

We already gave you the best fall TV trailers but how about the worst? Also, remember when there was no such thing as TV trailers?

Funny Or Die has a spoof on the new shows of 2016. It’s reminiscent of- but in our biased opinion, not quite as good as- one of our favs from last Back To TV Week: Meet the new shows of 2019!



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