Saturday Spotlight: Yes You Cannes

  • Can you pick just a shortlist of favorite outfits from Cannes? For this year, actually, yes. You cannes. But while there were fewer really amazing red carpet looks this year, when the fashion was good it was very, very good.
  • Can you take a college class from Angelina Jolie? Apparently, yes. Which got us imagining other celebs as professors, from the excellent (Lin Manuel Miranda) to the ‘get me out of here’ (Quentin Tarantino?).
  • Can you go to sunrise yoga, pick up groceries on the way home, make a full breakfast, go to the park, and conduct a children’s jazz ensemble all by 10 AM on a Sunday? Only if you’re one of the dummies from Sunday Routine, a regular New York Times feature where everyone lies.
  • Can you believe Sam and Diane had another fight? Because those of us who are up to our ears in Cheers episodes have a few things to say about their relationship.
  • Can you escape the Rachel? Jennifer Aniston changed her haircut 20 years ago but in one form or another, that thing lives forever.

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