Meet Javilton

Next month the torch will be passed to a new Hamilton: Javier Munoz, AKA Javilton, will replace Lin-Manuel Miranda in Broadway’s Hamilton after LMM steps away from the production on July 9. We’re sad to see Lin go, but happy that the role is in such excellent hands. And as we’re seeing the show in October (#HamilTober? #Hamtober? We’re working on it) – Javier will be our Hamilton, so we’re very excited. This man’s about to take New York by storm, so let’s learn a little about him!

Grab A Friend, That’s Your Second

If musical theater were a duel, your understudy would be your second, right? The person ready to take up in your stead at a moment’s notice, somebody who can fill your shoes as well as you can. Javier has been Lin’s understudy twice: as Usnavi in In The Heights, and as Hamilton in Hamilton. Munoz took over the role of Usnavi, too –  and nobody would argue that the show suffered for it. If you’ve seen Hamilton on a Sunday, you’ve seen Javilton: he was on every week as a standing arrangement, not just in instances when LMM was ill or busy.

Reliable With The Ladies

In real life? Don’t know, don’t care. But it’s common theater knowledge that Javilton is “Sexy Hamilton” — it has been verified by the New York Times, which wrote that Hamilton is “sexy on Sundays” (like the rest of America, NYT is losing any/all of its chill over Hamilton, it goes without saying). As for Javier himself? He’s “aware of it.”

Planting Seeds In A Garden You’ll Never Get To See

An understudy has a bit of downtime, and Javier has filled those hours gardening at the Richard Rogers. If you garden, this is very exciting news and you’re probably dying to talk shop with Javier, as you would with any fellow gardener (my hydrangeas are standing around with their heads down like nobody loves them, anyone able to help?). If you don’t garden … I have a whole lot of tomatoes and squash I’d just love to foist upon you. In any case: what a fantastic hobby, what a happy-looking orchid.

Secretary Jefferson, You Have The Floor, Sir

Javier shares a dressing room with Daveed Diggs (Marquis de Lafayette/ Thomas Jefferson) and it’s a bit of a Felix/ Oscar situation. Take a close look – can you tell whose space is whose? Keep an eye out for the purple velvet.

The Revolution’s Happening In New York

Munoz’s Twitter bio brands him as an “artist/advocate.” His newest effort is J.Docs, an upcoming series of 5-minute documentaries. The twitter feed itself is chock full of positivity, encouragement, gratitude, and joy, the best attitude to put behind advocacy.

Teach Em How To Say Goodbye

He also played Hamilton for President Obama, and managed to crush the performance and end the evening with grace (read: not clutching Obama’s ankles begging him not to leave the theater/ elected office/ all of us, which must have been nearly impossible).

The Man Is Non-Stop

Munoz was diagnosed with cancer last fall. He took a few months off for surgery and radiation then jumped right back into the role of a lifetime. His understudy: Lin-Manuel Miranda – not too shabby – and Jon Rua, another Ham we’d love to see. Leslie Odom, Jr. organized a food drive with the rest of the cast, and while Javier’s resilience is impressive, so is the support from the rest of the theater community.


If you have Hamilton tickets for before July 9, enjoy! Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote the play, originated the role, and by all accounts puts on a heck of a show. But if you have to wait a little longer, that’s great news too. You’ll get to see Javilton, and he’s going to be phenomenal.



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