Where Are They Now: 2016 Summer Olympians

As we begin the last Friday of Summer 2016, I think most of us are ready to say goodbye and good riddance to the past 3 months. The news was almost always terrible, the weather – where I live, anyway – was the hottest and driest on record, and we didn’t even have a really good summer anthem. The best part of the summer: those two weeks we spent watching the Olympic Games. I STILL feel like I’m in Olympics withdrawal.

Since we’re closing the books on summer, I think it’s time to catch up on where our favorite (and not) Rio Olympians are now:

Simone Biles

Then: Simone helped Team USA achieve gymnastics gold, then went on to grab the individual all-around gold as well. She seems like a really fantastic person on top of it. And she met Zac Efron!

Now: Simone is leading the Final Five again – this time in a bid to host Saturday Night Live. Yes, please? I don’t even need them to be good. She also met Beyonce at the VMAs! What a year to be Simone Biles.

Usain Bolt

Then: Jamaican runner and fastest man in the world Usain Bolt snagged three gold medals.

Now: It appears that he has met some ladies.

Laurie Herandez

Then: Laurie, human emoji, quickly became one of our favorite athletes with her sunny attitude, sassy wink to the judges and self-assured reminder that she’s got this. She helped win team gold and took individual silver on the beam. We just love her.

Now: As much as I want to skip Dancing With The Stars (as per usual) due to Ryan Lochte, I think I have to watch: Laurie will be paired up with Val Chmerkovskiy. Anything that keeps this ray of sunshine on our tv screens, right? Like Simone, she also met Beyonce at the VMAs.

Katie Ledecky

Then: Ledecky, 19, took home four gold medals, one silver medal, and smashed a world record – that she set herself. What a superstar.

Now: Katie is already packing up those medals and is off to her Freshman year at Stanford. And to think I dreamed of having a freshman year roommate who brought a piece of the AgroCrag to the dorm (never happened). She threw out a pitch at a Nationals game, visited school kids and a children’s hospital, and met Bruce Springsteen after a concert. All in all, not a bad summer.

Ryan Lochte

Then: Lochte won gold, then created an international incident by lying about getting robbed and vandalizing a gas station, but also maybe really DID get robbed according to other sources. Jeah. We’re attracted to him? We’re not attracted to him.

Now: Lochte, whose jeans are ugly, per GQ, has lost four of his commercial sponsors. But don’t worry: he’ll be back on your screen in no time as part of the new cast of Dancing With The Stars! He’s paired with Cheryl Burke, who doesn’t feel very jeah about it.

Michael Phelps

Then: Decrepit 30-year-old man Michael Phelps (according to the NBC announcers) somehow managed to hurl his arthritic bones into the pool and eke out five gold medals and a silver. Not bad for a geezer wheeled in off the dementia ward, all told.

Now: It’s more like what ISN’T Michael Phelps doing now. He presented an award at the VMAs, everyone chanted USA, and I was flipped headlong into a bout of Olympics Nostalgia. He played a game with Jimmy Fallon and made fun of his poolside grumpy face. He went to a party at Aunt Becky (AKA Lori Loughlin)’s house. He even earned a Lifetime Achievement Wheaties box!

Fu Yuanhui

Then: This adorable Chinese swimmer won hearts the world over with her overjoyed reaction to winning bronze, and very casually mentioned that she had her period during a race which I’m pretty sure is the first time I’ve heard an athlete say that.

Now: Along with a delegation of athletes, Fu visited Hong Kong for the first time for a diplomatic visit. She’s always wanted to visit Hong Kong Disney but explained that they were visiting for a more important purpose and it would have to wait for next time. For the love of all that’s good, SOMEBODY get this sweetheart tickets to Disney! Can you IMAGINE this girl in Disney?! Come on now.


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