Countdown to ThanksGilmore: Where Were You When You Found Out About The Revival?

We were going to put this post up tomorrow, but right now it’s midnight, Gilmore Girls goes live in three hours, and like a kid waiting for Santa, I am too excited to sleep. In case you’re in the same boat, here’s a little something to read.

This day is a long time coming. Not only has it been almost a decade since Gilmore Girls went off the air, it has been over a year since we found out that the show was coming back to Netflix. Shortly after we found out about it, we gathered ourselves for a town meeting of sorts. In this post we discussed how we found out about the reboot, our feelings about Netflix as a platform, casting and those last four words.

Gilmore Girls Revival Town Meeting

T: When we tell our (maybe) kids about the revival, it’ll be akin to older folks telling stories about where they were when JFK was shot or like Ted Mosby telling a horrible story. “Kids, I’m gonna tell you the story of the exact moment I found out a Gilmore Girls revival was happening.”

M: If this revival hadn’t happened, my future children were going to have to to hear a 10-year-long story about how Luke and Lorelai probably didn’t end up together, instead. So really, everyone wins.

T: The day – Monday, October 19th. The time – around 2:30pm. The location – my office. I have to constantly be checking the Internet for entertainment news, and when I was checking my Twitter, I saw a post from Michael Ausiello of pop up that said this:

I really wanted to yell WHAT!!?!?!? out loud but there were others in the vicinity who would no doubt question my sanity, so I said it at a very low tone to myself and began digging deeper into the supposed revival.

M: Should I be concerned that it’s only been a week and I have zero recollection of how I found out? Those hypothetical kids are totally going to put me in a home, aren’t they? In any case, I was very pleased but also assumed that it was another one of those articles that comes out every couple months after a cast member appears on a podcast. Ahem.

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