Inappropriate Reactions To Harvey Weinstein Bingo

Anyway, here’s a BINGO board.

Inappropriate Reactions To Harvey Weinstein
[Condemnation from somebody who still supports D.T.] “price of fame” “hush money” “Out of the woodwork” “To play devil’s advocate…”
“Our friends/sisters/ coworkers/ daughters” “He said/she said” [He never did anything to me so he never did anything to anyone] [Silence] “As the father of four daughters”
[Blame Hillary Clinton] “innocent until proven guilty” Free Space

Free Space
“he’s mentally ill” [H.W.’s net worth as motive for fabrication]
“If they had spoken up sooner this wouldn’t have happened to anybody else” [Calling man over the age of 25 a “kid”] “When men and women work together…” [I interrupt this comments section to defend Bill Cosby] “Why wouldn’t they say something at the time?”
“Things were different in the [60s/70s/80s]” “What are they asking for? Trouble.” “knowing that he’s married…” “What do you expect when…” [I interrupt this comments section to defend Woody Allen]