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Molly and Traci are friends who met in high school and always found the same things funny. They now live on opposite sides of the country, and, just like passing notes in homeroom back in 2002, they started Cookies + Sangria in 2013 with the goal of writing the content they’d like to read themselves. This means finding the comical side of everything from Lifetime movies to home decorating trends, fashion missteps to life as adults – a blog that their Internet BFFs can look forward to reading with their morning coffee, on their lunch break, or during late-night procrastination sessions.


Molly peaked professionally at age 10, when she starred in a children’s educational safety video. Now she is a lawyer starting her career as an attorney editor, which is nice, too. She lives in Rochester, NY, which she would like you (and her 19-year-old self) to know is not awful.

Likes: Free food, friendly dogs, running sometimes, impromptu adventures, piano covers of hip hop songs

Dislikes: Line cutters, listening to “this one weird legal problem I have”

Rap Name: Lil’ Esquire

Twitter: @boughsofmolly


Traci is a western New Yorker born and raised, Boston girl at heart, and currently playing the role of an “adult” in Los Angeles. When not blogging, she is a news editor who writes about celebrities in a non-judgemental way and gets paid for it. Livin’ the life, y’all.

Likes: Television programs, GIFs, iced coffee and sneaking the word “y’all” into conversations as an attempt to become Tami Taylor, despite the fact she is a Filipino east coast girl.

Dislikes: Spoilers (of the tv & movie variety), idiot LA drivers, and people who don’t say thank you after you hold the door open for them.

Rap Name: West Coa$t T

Podcast: That’s Our Jam

Twitter: @tracileigh27

Tumblr: omg it’s traci d


13 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I adore your blog SO MUCH already. Found this while casually Googling about the phenomenon of Mormon Mommy Bloggers (I am addicted, and 26, and not married or close to having kids… #CantStopWontStop) and I’m so glad I decided to click around a little more.


  2. Hi Molly and Traci!

    We LOVE your website! It would be an HONOR for you to come see National Lampoon Presents Bayside! The Saved by the Bell Musical Parody!

    The final performance is scheduled for August 8th! See it before then!

    Zack and Kelly are going to break-up if you don’t come! And Slater NEEDS to wrestle you!
    Shows are every Thursday Friday and Saturday at 8 PM at Theatre 80 in the East Village, NYC.

    Just let us know what date you want to come and we’ll save you some seats!
    For more information and Zack Attacks visit baysidethemusical.com

    Go Bayside! Beat Valley!
    Bob and Tobly McSmith

    “You need to see this.” -Huffington Post
    “Super Camp and Super Fun” – Perez Hilton
    “A Supremely Funny Throwback Delight” – Entertainment Weekly
    “Critics’ Pick” – NY Times
    “Saved By The Bell meets Book of Mormon” – Fox5


    • Thanks so much for the offer! Unfortunately neither of us live in the New York City area. Sounds like a great show, though! Go Bayside!


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