Resolution Statistics 101

New Year’s Resolutions. Most people have them. Even more people are unsuccessful in accomplishing them But why? Why do we set ourselves up for failure year after year? I’d like to see some stats on the number of people who commit to resolutions and what percentage of them fail.

As for me, a few years ago, I decided that instead of setting lofty goals for myself, I would start out small. In 2008 I set two goals: 1) start a blog that I’d update at least once a day. 2) take vitamins (I told you I started out small).

And lowering my expectations of success proved to work for me. I kept up with said blog not only for the entirety of 2008, but I’ve continued to this day, even through a massive makeover last year. Of course as you know, I also started another one, here with Molls! I still take vitamins too, in case you were wondering.

Fast forward to December 2011, I decided that I would take the small steps idea, but move forward in a way that would motivate me to do/complete my resolutions throughout the year. Hence, I dubbed 2012 the Year of Follow Through.

To help me to uphold the year’s theme, I found a vision board on the internets, where one would put all their goals up in one place, and visualize what needs to be done in the coming year. Being a crafty person myself, I adored this idea, and created this gem:

vision board

I made it into my vision board/bucket list – I even bought a bucket to put all the completed items into! I’d say that thanks to this board hanging in my room that I see everyday, I accomplished about 65% of what I intended to do since January. From drag queen bingo (Soooo LA), to going to a Celtics game, and most importantly, finding a job that I love, this guy has definitely helped my life just a little better than it was in 2011.

And I’d say a 65% success rate isn’t too bad.

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