Cups: A Tutorial

When Molly and I were in high school, we separately knew how to play the cup game, until one day we found out we both knew how to play it and proceeded to play together and continued our quest to become the coolest people ever (still on that quest, probably not going to ever happen).

However, the cup game/rhythm became popular as of late, thanks to Anna Kendrick’s solo performance in Pitch Perfect.

While Anna used the basic cup rhythm as an audition song, we were used to playing it with a group of friends, like this:

*this video reminds me of when I first learned how to play – at a retreat with a bunch of youth group kids from across New York state. Except these folks are going super slow, and the point was to speed up as you went on.

So we decided it would be a disservice to not teach you loyal readers how to do it. Please enjoy this awkward video of us teaching the cup game in a Starbucks in Rochester.