The Multiple Pop Culture Personalities of Barbie

Well, we’re two weeks into December which means holiday shopping is in full effect. I went to the mall this past weekend and there were already too many people there for my liking. In Old Navy, I swear there were like 75 people in line, and I immediately abandoned my items and left. Why can’t I just purchase clothes for myself without waiting for all these parents pretending to be Santa? UGH?

Anyways, every year there’s a hot new toy that parents are clawing over to get their kids. I remember when Tickle Me Elmo was THE hottest item and there was an extremely high demand (and not enough supply) for this vibrating plush toy. I mean people were legitimately injured. Really. It was like Dwight K. Schrute and Princess Unicorn all up in there.

Whatever the 2013 toy of the season may be, and I clearly don’t know because I’m out of the loop with kids these days, perhaps parents should go old school with a toy classic – Barbie.

I had a few Barbies back in the day, even the Barbie corvette – I was an only child. Sorry. I also owned this gem, the Filipino Barbie.

Although this photo is not of the one I owned, it most definitely looks like this because I wasn’t allowed to take it out of the box. What a horrible thing to do to a young girl – show her a fun Barbie and then tell her she can never play with it. Thanks parents.

I’m assuming most of you readers did not own this particular one, and if you did , let me know if you were able to take it out and play with it because I think I just dug up repressed feelings about my childhood and I need someone to talk to.

There are wayyy more themed Barbies that weren’t as popular as the regular blonde version, including a lot of pop culture inspired ones. Here are some Barbies that might be the perfect gift for someone you know this year – or maybe yourself.

Katniss Everdeen

I know the Girl on Fire’s braid is her signature style, but does it really have to be that big? It’s bigger than the loaves of bread Peeta threw at her in the rain back in the day.

Peeta Mellark

DAMNNN, AFRICA. Poor Josh Hutcherson. He doesn’t deserve this. #ThatForeheadTho.

Bond Girl a la Halle Berry

In which a perfect Barbie doll looks just like Halle Berry because she is practically a perfect woman.

Jacob Black from Twilight

I’ve never seen nor read any of the Twilight movies/books, and I never will. But the fact that Taylor Lautner’s doll is just him with jean shorts circa 1995 delights me to no end.

Bella and Edward from Twilight

The caption for this giftset on the site ends with, “The epic movie journey may be over, but the memories will never die!” Great. Also, they come complete with glittering skin. Why is this popular again?

Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra

The great Liz Taylor looks gorgeous even in doll form. How is that possible. If I ever put this get up on, I’d look like a pile of gold galleons at Gringotts.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

The Barbie designers must have a lot of faith (haha, faith. shut up) in their marriage. If they ever split up, will these dolls be available for individual purchase? Asking for a friend.

Farrah Fawcett

Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t the allure of her 1976 poster the fact that a little nip was coming through her bathing suit? Sorry if that was crass, but really… Barbie as Farrah seems a little wrong?

Went with the Wind! The Carol Burnett Show Doll

Ok this is brilliant and I have no snarky commentary for it. I mean look at her face!

80s Cher

Bob Mackie, who designed the Carol Burnett curtain dress, also designed this iconic outfit. Which you know, is a perfect gift for kids.

Goldie Hawn

Again, is this appropriate for young girls? More importantly, will they even get who this is? Hopefully the only people snatching these up are the weird collector people who are like 60 years old an still buying Barbies.

Pink in PANTONE® Barbie

Barbie gets her own signature Pantone color… You’ve got to be CMYKidding ME!!

Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” Barbie

Alfred Hitchcock’s crowning achievement.


Kids – you TOO can have a cross-dressing Elvis complete with Snooki hair!!

Mr. Spock


Elle Woods from Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde

Shit you not, the description specifically states this Elle is NOT from the first Legally Blonde, but from the sequel. Don’t get it twisted guys. Completely different people.

Samantha from Bewitched

“Doll cannot fly.” Thanks for the clarification.

Mad Hatter

And just for shits and giggles… this CREEPY ASS version of the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. WTF, BARBIE DESIGNERS?


5 thoughts on “The Multiple Pop Culture Personalities of Barbie

  1. What a great post!!
    I did not know there was a Filipina Barbie doll!! Zomg!! =)
    I was the only girl in my family that LOVED Barbie so I also had a lot of her swag, such as her own grocery store and her convertible. =)
    Thanks for bringing back memories!!
    Have a nice Tuesday!! ❤


    • Right! There’s also an updated version of the Filipina Barbie too!
      Because I am a nerd, the idea of a Barbie grocery store sounds AMAZING. Even as an adult haha
      Thanks for reading 🙂


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