Traci is a western New Yorker born and raised, Boston girl at heart, and currently playing the role of an “adult” in Los Angeles. When not blogging, she is a news editor who writes about celebrities in a non-judgemental way and gets paid for it. Livin’ the life, y’all.

Likes: Television programs, GIFs, iced coffee and sneaking the word “y’all” into conversations as an attempt to become Tami Taylor, despite the fact she is a Filipino east coast girl.

Dislikes: The word ‘moist’, spoilers (of the tv & movie variety), idiot LA drivers and people who don’t say thank you after you hold the door open for them.

Favorite Spice Girl: Posh. Like it’s even a legit question.

Personal Podcast: That’s Our Jam

Personal Website: OMG It’s Traci D

Personal Twitter: @tracileigh27


5 thoughts on “traci

  1. Hi Traci,

    It’s a pleasure to be following your blog, I love the idea that you’re sharing it. You’re both doing an excellent job, and I’m happy to be a new follower.

    And I couldn’t agree more on the word “moist”. There’s a list of words that can’t be said in a non-creepy way, and that’s way at the top of the pyramid.

    Much success on your blog!


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