The Return of The Girl Group: Fifth Harmony

Alright, folks. For my job, I have to watch the major reality TV shows. Your American Idols, your Bachelors, your The X Factors. On this past season of The X Factor, I didn’t really connect with any one act like I usually do. However, I’ve found that long after the finale in December, one group has stood out – and they didn’t even win.

Meet Fifth Harmony. A group of five girls ranging from 16 to 19 years old with excellent voices. They each tried out individually, didn’t make it, but they were brought back into the competition as a group (much like One Direction when they were on The X Factor UK). Their first song performed together was a complete game changer, and shocker, really. Because here were these girls who were just thrown together and in a matter of days, were supposed to learn a song, harmonies, and act like they’ve been together forever. Here’s their first performance, Impossible, which was during the judges’ house round. You’ll see an indiscernable Simon Cowell (their mentor), and guest judge Marc Anthony (starts around 2:17)

They made it to the next round – over groups who had been together forever. And to be honest, this was their best performance of the competition, until the top 4, where they pulled out all the stops. Judge L.A. Reid criticized them throughout the show that they always sang in unison (which was pretty accurate), but when they took on Ellie Goulding’s Anything Could Happen, it changed their fate and they landed in the finale after this performance (Starts at 2:20)

Since they landed in 3rd place, they ultimately lost the $5 million recording contract, but like a lot of rejected folks these days, they got one anyways. Incidentally, L.A. Reid signed them to his Epic Records label, and they’re currently working on their first album. And for some reason, I feel like their fan base has only grown since they ‘lost,’ and it could partly be because they have a huge internet following. Since they’re teenage girls, social media is their backbone, and as we all know, behind the scenes pix, selfies, videos, a simple mention or retweet makes fangirls/boys go wild.

Their tactic now is to record cover songs and post them online, which means they have thousands of fans literally all over the world playing their videos over and over again. I think it’s brilliant, because it’s exactly when they did on the show, except sans the flashy lights and costumes. Just their voices and a piano. Here are some of the best covers they’ve posted (I have no shame in telling you I can’t stop listening to them). And I’m stating for the record – they’re going to be big. Maybe even bigger than the winner himself. Tate Stevens, who?

Thinkin’ Bout You – Frank Ocean

Lego House – Ed Sheeran

They Don’t Know About Us – One Direction

Stay – Rihanna

BONUS: This gif of Camila (also my fave singer) is the best thing. Made me think I should be best friends with a 16 year old. One time she tweeted, “I like food and the internet.” I MEAN.

In response to “Harry Styles (From One Direction) tweeted you guys again…”


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