Are we just making up exercises now?

Have you guys heard of the latest exercise craze? It’s called Prancercise, and you should probably get yourself acquainted with it.

For those who enjoy a less intense work out, this might be the exercise for you. All you need are some ankle weights, a large, open area, and a sense of humor because it is absolutely ridiculous. Here’s a brief video tutorial:

No, this is not a Funny or Die video. Yes, she really said, “We’re gonna really cut the noose and let it loose with the prancercise gallop.” This is real. Bless her. It reminds me of the one where phoebe runs, since she just prances around with no shame. This catchy exercise was invented by Joanna Rohrback back in 1989, but for some reason, it never caught on (perhaps Suzanne Somers is to blame). But over 20 years later, Joanna is back at it again, and hoping Prancercise will be the next spin class craze.

This got me thinking, what other ridiculous exercise crazes have there been that may have just been a scheme to make money instead of actually helping people lose weight? Here are a few possible missed opportunities…

The Gazelle Freestyle

I actually think this was all a ruse for Tony Little to get away with sexually harassing that woman without any legal repercussions. Also, Tony Little.

This vibrating belt thing

So people actually thought these worked. I mean, it’s like science.

The Hawaii Chair

I first learned of this item from Ellen, as seen in this video. I don’t know about you, but I just don’t think Ellen’s trying hard enough to be more productive.

Sauna Suits

In all honesty, I had never heard of this item before, but apparently it’s a thing. One wears this suit while exercising in order to lose more weight. Except the real outcome is that you just lose water weight, which you can immediately gain back by drinking a glass of water. Plus, it can also lead to overheating, which can and has resulted in death. Yikes. It’s not even that cute of an outfit.

Buns of Steel

“You’ll feel a bun rebirth!” Okay, is that something I wanted to feel in the first place? This video looks so fake and ridic that this SNL digital short looks more believable.

Shake Weight

Speaking of SNL… the Shake Weight is pretty self explanatory.