I’m Wearing White Tomorrow and You Can’t Stop Me

Happy Labor Day everyone! Hope you’re reading this in the comfort of your own home or on vacation somewhere nice and attempting to not talk to your friends/family members by staring at your phone. While Labor Day is in honor of all of those who, well, labor, it also marks  a big transition into September.  It’s a sign that fall is on its way, that school is starting back up again, that people always have weddings over Labor Day weekend, and of course, most depressingly, that summer is over.

But Labor Day also is that date in the fashion calendars that end the wearing of all things white. Where did this all start anyways? Well a couple of origins stories include the fact that back in the day, people simply wore white in the summer because it would cool them down. Another story is that in the early 20th century, the well-to-doers would go up to their summer homes and don their white attire on vacation. When they headed back to the dreary city life, they’d take out their dark clothes to join all the city folk in their black attire.

Soon it became a hard and fast rule to wear white in the summer and immediately go back to dark the last weekend in August. And thus a rather ridiculous style rule was born.

You know what I say? I say screw the rules. Ima wear white when I wanna wear white, bitches. And I’m also gonna wear black with brown (if it looks appropriate) too, so suck on thatttt Anna Wintour.

However, if for some reason you think the fashion gods will smite you down and force you to shop at Ross (Dress for Less) the rest of your life, then here are some ways to still utilize those white items in your closet without completely breaking the rules of fashion.

For the Hipster Girl

White Hipster

For the Anthropologie Girl

Anthro White

For the Preppy Girl 

Preppy White

For the Jersey Shore/Guidette/Karma-Girl

Jersey Shore White

For the Vintage ‘I like retro but not shopping at thrift stores’ Girl

Vintage White


For the Granola/Crunchy/I wear Coachella Outfits year round Girl

Coachella White

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