Welcome, New Readers!

We’re in the fantastic position of having a few new readers bounce over thanks to the great folks at Smart Girls. Honestly, where was that website when we were in junior high? We had to learn all of our lessons from Zoom.

You might be wondering what this blog is all about. Despite the name, it’s not a cooking blog. There’s a longer explanation, but let’s just say that just like cookies and sangria, we are a little bit sweet but may also get you drunk if you let us. It’s also not a gossip blog, or an entertainment blog. We’re just writing the things that we’d like to read ourselves. If you can’t find it, write it!

If you’re new to the game, here are a smattering of posts to help you get to know us. If you like what you see, we’d love for you to stick around, follow us on facebook or twitter, or drop us a line! (If you don’t like us, please file out quietly.)

Racist Weddings With Paula Deen (an utterly offensive wedding planning enterprise)

Life Lessons From An Only Child (I share when I wanna share)

Puberty Education & You (or Hey, Where’s That Belt Supposed to Go?) (on surviving those school vids about “becoming a woman” – when your own mom is the teacher leading the class)

Bill Clinton Converses With Celebrities (His rap name is LLSW, because Ladies Love Slick Willy)

World’s Worst Diet Foods (And What They Taste Like) (Why I don’t hate myself quite enough to eat fish noodles)

Breaking Up With Breaking Bad : 11 WTF Scenes We Leave Behind (there are like 11 more just in the 2 weeks since this post)

Guess Who Character Bios: Beyond Glasses And Facial Hair (Guess who’s not allowed to live near an elementary school? Guess who looks exactly the same right side up and upside down?)

Faux Cronuts: Nailed It (Like I said, not a cooking blog)

So Your Mom’s On Facebook (Find out what ‘Rip Van Winklevossing’ is)

Live Blog: Sharknado! (You know you watched it)

Live Blog: My Mom Watches The Dancing With The Stars Finale (for the 60-year-old Filipina woman in all of us)

Characters From My Inner City Childhood (for the 8-year-old urban youth in all of us)

Live Blog: First Time Listener Of Accidental Racist (shocking it never took off)

The Beautiful Girls: Best of Mad Men Fashion (sometimes we talk about outfits)

People Like Us: valerie frizzle: woman, teacher, icon (sometimes our friends write things, too)

The Baby-Sitters Club: The Musical – Excerpts from the Libretto (Just try not to cry during ‘Almond-Shaped Eyes, Broken-Shaped Heart)