Celebs on the Frontlines: New York Fashion Week 2013

New York City was abuzz with fashionistas last week, as the world’s best and brightest designers gathered in the Big Apple to show off their collections for Spring 2014. A lot of eyes are on the models that walk the runways, but it was also a time for celebrities to grab a front row seat at their favorite designers’ shows and prove that they care about clothes as much as the fashion editors sitting next to them. Not to mention that front row at a Fashion Week is usually the best time to see celebs together that you normally would in the outside world. For example, this picture from the Burberry show during Paris Fashion Week 2012:

(A confused) Aaron Paul, Dita Von Teese, Harry Styles, Dev Patel and Harvey Weinstein. Or, the next Ocean’s 14.

Here’s some of the best stars that were (sometimes uncomfortably) sitting in the coveted seats and the clothes that were modeled before them.

Photo Sep 15, 10 24 05 PM

Alexander Wang: Terry Richardson, a girl who might be Zoe Kravitz, Kanye and Miguel

Photo Sep 15, 10 43 11 PM

Herve Leger: Nicki Minaj taking a selfie instead of watching the runway show…

 Photo Sep 15, 11 54 11 PM

Y-3: Tunic wearing ex-boyfriend of Selena Gomez sporting a ‘mustache’

Photo Sep 15, 10 57 51 PM

Richard Chai: Zachary Quinto as the fourth (actually fifth) Jonas Brother?

Photo Sep 15, 11 07 27 PM

Opening Ceremony: RiRi, her bff Melissa Forde, Miguel and the beautiful rule breaking moth Ann Perkins/Rashida Jones (aka the bench i would most like to sit on)

Photo Sep 15, 11 20 32 PM

Tadashi Shoji: The moment when a 15 year old is older than a 40-year-old Alyssa Milano

Photo Sep 15, 11 31 57 PM

Alicia Keys, Anna Wintour and Maria Sharpova

Photo Sep 15, 11 41 10 PM

Victoria Beckham: Mr. Beckham, the real princess of the UK and Anna Wintour actually showing some human emotion


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