Best of C+S 2015: A Clueless Drinking/ Workout Game: Suck And Blow And Buns Of Steel

It’s hard to believe, but 2015 was the 20-year anniversary of the release of Clueless. In those twenty years we’ve gone from being small children, to early 20-somethings who could play drinking games all the livelong day, to two adults on the bring of 30 who don’t have the energy for that anymore. But we still created a Clueless-based drinking and workout game to celebrate the occasion during our Clueless Week!


Clueless is the movie that taught us about drinking games – suck and blow, anyone? We may have been too young to really get what was going on when Clueless came out 20 years ago. But now anyone who can remember when Clueless was a new hit movie is, by default, over 21. That means we can play the drinking games now! As always, drink responsibly and legally, and feel free to substitute in a non-alcoholic beverage.

If your buns don’t feel nothin’ like steel, or you have some freeways to accidentally merge onto after this, do our workout version instead!

One Sip OR One Set of Mountain Climbers (* A set is what you say is a set!)

  • The phrase “way harsh” is uttered.

  • A main character rocks anything plaid.
  • Dionne and Murray fight.
  • Cher flips her hair.
  • Any time Paul Rudd is hot. This is subjective but you may find yourself drinking a lot.

  • Josh gazes lovingly at Cher.
  • Cher mispronounces something.

  • A character plays sensitive ’90s music – two sips if they sing along (turn away, turn awayayayay…).
  • You spot a “only in the mid-90s” pop culture reference that escaped you before (Kato Kaelin, Travis’s last name is Birkenstock, etc).

One Huge Gulp OR One Set Of Bicep Curls

  • Elton outwardly flirts or gets too handsy with Cher.
  • The kids talk like grownups.
  • When you see Lucy the Maid physically afraid of Mr. Horowitz
  • Dionne and Murray make up.
  • Cher actually says/uses a big word correctly.
  • Josh is eating something (extra sip if it’s weird).
  • You spot product placement with packaging you haven’t seen for over a decade (Coke cans, Minute Maid juice boxes, etc).
  • Any references to Miss Stoeger’s sexual orientation – subtle or explicit.

Take a Shot OR One Set Of Bicycle Crunches

  • You or someone watching with you says “As If” in sync with Cher.
  • An “adult” character looks young to you.
  • A “teenaged” extra is clearly 30 yrs old… meaning that now, they are 50.
  • A person collapses a cell phone antenna. Remember having to do that? [The cell phone use is one of the reasons Clueless almost seems like it could have been released today, but I remember at the time it was revolutionary that all these rich kids had their own cells.]
  • Josh references not-for-profits, either in words or via t-shirt.
  • A teen driver’s eyes aren’t on the road.
  • There is a plastic surgery reference.
  • You spot a scrunchie in the wild.

Pour A Little Out For Your Homie OR Sun Salute

  • You remember that Brittany Murphy died and get sad about it all over again.

Chug OR Two Sets Of Burpees

  • Cher crashes into something while driving.
  • Cher makes a literary reference – extra sip if it almost makes sense.clueless


  • A person is wearing pleather or crunchy plastic.
  • Makeover!

  • A character references ’90s pop psychology (For instance, Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, or body language – anyone else still interpret “legs crossed toward each other” as an “unequivocal sex invite?”).
  • Christian references ’50s culture.
  • Cher is wearing an unnecessary sheer layer.
  • You spy french tip nails.
  • Elton is wearing a chunky wool sweater, or otherwise looks like a fall Brooks Brothers catalog. In Southern California.
  • Drugs. And you didn’t realize they were drugs as a child.
  • Any signs Christian was gay … extra sip if you missed it as a child or youth (like that he isn’t talking/looking at any other girl).