Countdown To ThanksGilmore: Crying Our Way Through Rory’s Grad Party

One thing we’ve had to do in preparation for Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life is remind ourselves of what happened in Season 7, AKA the One We Don’t Usually Talk About. To any diehard S7 fans out there, we say: great! We’re happy you had seven full seasons of Gilmore Girls that you actually really loved. For us, the tone shifted and it didn’t quite feel like the show we once knew, but that’s not to say that we completely hated it. In fact, we rewatched the finale and found plenty to love… and cry about. Like, a WHOLE lot of crying. If you don’t want to put yourself through Non-Sherman-Palladino Stars Hollow, read our laterblog of the finale, remind yourself of where we left off, and gear up for 2016 Stars Hollow on Friday!

Revisiting The Gilmore Girls Series Finale: A Laterblog


T: The coup of getting Christiane Amanpour, Rory’s idol since season one, is absolutely one of the most brilliant cameo castings to ever happen on television. Now that I’m thinking about it, it was probably a sign from the writers that Rory’s story – in this part of her life at least – is done being told. She’s ready to go work and be on her own, without being close enough to Lorelai to drive home to her in an hour. Christiane is a symbol of what Rory could be in the future, and she’s propelling her towards the right direction.

M: It’s really easy to read the Christiane Amanpour appearance as stunt casting, but Traci nailed it. From season one we’ve seen Rory pursue the life she wanted, getting sidetracked during some of those weird years (YACHT HEIST WTF), and this just shows she’s making it to where she wanted to be.

Possibly the most awkward picture taken of all time

T: Lorelai gets weird around celebrities like “Jane Pauley, Harry Belafonte and Marisa Tomei” – why are all these people visiting Stars Hollow??

M: It’s like in Full House where like of COURSE Little Richard and the Beach Boys want to hang out with the Tanners.  But if Norman Mailer is to be believed, the Dragonfly is a great place to sit around during lunch hours.