Chicago Law and Beyond

NBC executives hinted last week that they’re toying with adding another series to their Chicago franchise, with Chicago Law. It started with Chicago Fire, then Chicago P.D. and the newest one, Chicago Med. In full disclosure, I actually watch these shows. Well, I started Chicago Fire because Taylor Kinney (and it must’ve been a non-exciting season for new shows?) I don’t watch P.D., but I do watch Med because I’m a sucker for medical dramas. That being said, will I watch Chicago Law if it ever happens? Probably. Why? Because Dick Wolf and company know how to make addicting television. I told myself I’d check out the first three eps of Chicago Fire and here we are four seasons later and it’s still on my lineup.

But when will Dick’s CSI-ness ever stop? Will it, even? I’ve got a few suggestions if they want to expand their slate, and will probably make them millions more than what they already have.

Chicago OB/GYN

The show follows doctors at an all female practice called Ravenswood OB/GYN, where they deal with the ups and downs of helping to bring babies into the world but also having to deliver troubling news to some expectant mothers. Plus there’s inter-office romance and an Ally McBeal-type law firm in the floor below them. If Shay from Chicago Fire were still alive (Spoiler alert?), she would be dating a gal from Ravenswood. It’s like Private Practice, but less Taye Diggs and more Amber Tamblyn.

Chicago Bar Association

No, this show isn’t like the proposed Chicago Law. It’s about the bar owners, employees and frequent customers in Printer’s Row. The group of bars in the area have formed a sort of alliance, since it feels like it’s them against the hundreds of college kids that swarm their bars every weekend starting with Thirsty Thursdays. The unofficial leader of the alliance, Jim Rutnitzki, is a baby boomer that has a big secret he doesn’t have the guts to tell his friends and family.

Chicago Starbucks

So maybe Dick Wolf wouldn’t be able to get the rights to use Starbucks in his show, but just imagine it’s Starbucks but it’s called Bartucks and a new location has just been opened up in the fairly hipster area of Wicker Park. Bartucks employees are face with the challenge of gaining loyalty among the frequent customers who go to local small cafes instead of the corporate greed monster they call Starbucks Bartucks.


Ah, the golden days of Oprah headquartered in Chicago. ChicagOprah would follow a fictional Oprah as she builds her empire in the Windy City, while still trying to please everyone (see: season 1 cliffhanger – will the audience actually win cars or is it a fake out?

Chicago L Word

Unlike The L Word, Chicago L Word refers to the subways system in the city, where Subway (L) drivers have to deal with both unruly and over enthusiastic riders every single day. A group of L train drivers gather after work in a secret underground bar which was an abandoned L stop, and talk about their gripes about rider and their personal lives.

Chicago Strippers

This is Izabella Miko, who actually played a stripper on Chicago Fire, but she was also in Coyote Ugly, if this pose looks familiar. Chicago Strippers is a spin-off featuring Izabella’s character, and the sketchy guys she encounters, including some with strong mafia ties.

Chicago Improv

Featuring the new students at the famous Second City improv school, the show will follow them as they attempt to become the next Steve Carell or Tina Fey. Surprisingly v dramatic with a lot of tears, and not just the fake kind on stage.

Cell Block Tango

A closer look at the Chicago penitentiary system and the prisoners who spend their lives behind bars. Like Orange is the New Black, but more dancing and singing.

How to Cope with TV Haituses

Ah, December. The time for friends and family get together to celebrate the holidays watch the winter finales of their favorite shows. This time of year is already stressful with buying gifts, forced holiday parties, and spending too much time with family members you may not care for. But on top of that, TV fans have to gear up for a winter of no new episodes until the next year.

To help you cope with your addictions, I (myself an addict) have compiled a list of shows you should watch during the next few weeks (or months in some cases) until your faves come back on air. For example, last year, I watched all seven seasons of The West Wing in about 26 days. I realize how ridiculous that sounds, but hey, it helped distract me from the cliffhanger of Nashville. I’m only here to help, y’all.

Happy watching!

If you like:


You might like:

The West Wing

Speaking of The West Wing… All 7 seasons are on Netflix, so you have no excuse (unless you don’t have Netflix). Scandal is probably the most difficult show to ween yourself off of, especially if you’re a #Gladiator who live tweets and doesn’t miss a single episode. Not to mention, it doesn’t come back until February 27th! So if you enjoy the political side of Scandal, excellent writing, the invention of the ‘walk and talk’ and most importantly, the never sarcastic Josh Malina/David Rosen, who plays Will Bailey from season 3 on, you’ll certainly enjoy this Emmy-winning series that went off the air seven years ago. Warning: there’s certainly not as much sex on this show – but there’s Rob Lowe and a ‘Will they- Won’t they’ situation between Deputy Chief of Staff Josh Lyman (Bradley Whitford) and his assistant Donna Moss (Janel Maloney).

If you like:

Parks and Recreation

You might like:

Brooklyn Nine-Nine


One name: Mike Schur. If you don’t know who he is and you’re a fan of Parks and Rec and/or The Office, you can revoke your fan privileges right now. Mike used to be a writer on The Office (and also played Dwight’s weird cousin Mose), but left the show to create Parks with Office creator Greg Daniels. Mike decided his one amazing show on NBC wasn’t enough, so he and Dan Goor, also from Parks, created Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The show is hilarious and has the same kind of ensemble quality that both Parks and The Office had. In addition, you can’t go wrong with Andy Samberg as a quirky cop. And don’t forget the fact that both the show and Andy just got nominated for Golden Globes? Congrats Mike Schur.

If you like:

Modern Family

You might like:

Trophy Wife

I’ve talked about my love for Trophy Wife before, and it certainly has not waned since then. This show just keeps getting better and better. A non-traditional family with traditional support and love for each other is exactly the type of foundation Modern Family was built on, and this show is just a different take on it. Make sure you watch the Christmas episode – probably the best of the season so far.

If you like:

Grey’s Anatomy

You might like:

Chicago Fire

Common workplace? Check. Major problem (medical mystery/kid stuck in a burning building)? Check. Hot guys? Check. Lesbians? Check. On-again, off-again/love triangles? Check. Did I mention hot guys? Check. I mean, what are you waiting for?

If you like:

Mad Men

You might like:

Masters of Sex

Okay, this is kind of not following my previous template since Mad Men hasn’t been on since the spring and is coming back in March, but it’s the closest thing to Masters of Sex. This Showtime series just wrapped its first season, and only got better as the season went on. Just like Mad Men, it’s a period drama set in the 1950s centered on (real people) Dr. William Masters (Michael Sheen) and Virginia Johnson (Lizzy Caplan), who were pioneering researchers of human sexuality. Clearly, there’s plenty of sex and nudity happening on this show. But unlike Mad Men where affairs run rampant, the sex mainly happens in the context of their research. Of course both Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan do an amazing job, but the supporting characters like Beau Bridges and his wife Allison Janney (Allison Janney! From The West Wing!!!) are just as outstanding. It’s only 12 episodes you guys!

If you like:


You might like:

Homeland Season 1 & 2

No (major?) spoilers if you haven’t seen the season three finale yet, but UGHHH. It will be interesting to see where they go from here. That being said, season three was like a roller coaster and you had no idea where it was going, how it was going to end, or if you even liked it, but you still rode it anyways. If you liked season three, you should probably watch the first two seasons again to remind you how good the show used to be.