Jesus Be A Raindrop or Central Air

Well kids, it’s officially summer. Our calendars and local weathermen/women have told us so. You know how else I know it’s summer? Because this is what it looked like when I walked outside yesterday:

Maybe less gun wounds and not enough Donald Glover bringing me boxes of pizza. But I mean, the same thing. In case you hadn’t heard, Southern California is experiencing record heat. I’m talking like 110 degree heat. Like, there are two forest fires currently burning because of said heat. As I was on my way to work yesterday, I was thinking, ‘Ya know, at least it’s not humid’.

And that was the last positive thought I had about this dumb heat.

Long story short, my first day of summer had me sitting in a pool of my own sweat at work and at home and with intermittent access to the Internet. It was my own literal version of hell.

And it reminded me of this video that sort of went viral a few years ago, by YouTuber KrissyChula, who expertly expresses my thoughts on the heat and made me laugh in the process.


Krissy also covers topics that aren’t specific to the heat or Moses, and continues to be irritated and hysterical at the same time. So if you need a reason to laugh in the midst of the hot summer heat, check out some of her other vids. She angry, but she worth it.

*The Chipotle one won’t embed click to view on YouTube!!

I know, she has a lot of anger, but it’s what’s been smoldering in your soul for years.