Playlist of the Month: Canadians We’re Thankful For

Our neighbor to the north. Our frigid-weather friends. The land of maple and honey. Ladies and gentlemen, today is all about Canada. Or more specifically, Canadian Thanksgiving.

Like most things, Thanksgiving is a situation where Canada looked at what the U.S. had done, considered it carefully, then did it more rationally and logically. An earlier Thanksgiving means that you don’t have to travel in a snowstorm, that you can play that post-dinner football game without your fingers turning blue, and that you have an entire extra month-and-a-half between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

So today, when Canadians give thanks, we give thanks for Canadians.

Traci’s Picks

Nelly Furtado – Say It Right

Important: where is Nelly Furtado? In Canada? Am I missing something? I know she had a kid but like, that was a while ago, right? Am I just not hearing her new stuff? IS SHE JUST LIKE A BIRD AND JUST WANTED TO FLY AWAY?? Well she needs to come back and make more songs like Say It Right, because this song was my JAM  back in ’06.

soulDecision – Ooh It’s Kinda Crazy

If you’re not Canadian or a die hard TRL teenybopper like I was, you might not know who soulDecision was. The band made of boys (*not a boy band) had a – you guessed it – soul sound to their music, and it was more along that genre, despite the fact they were white dudes from Vancouver. Not gonna lie, I sometimes listen to this song and their other hit Faded, because I think they’re just that good.

Drake – Find Your Love

Ah, Aubrey. From wheelchair-bound Degrassi star to hip-hop superstar, you have done your country proud, sir. Can’t say the same for other current popular artists *cough*bieber*cough. It’s hard for people to take you seriously if they know you as the disabled kid from the most famous Canadian teen drama, so props to Drake for proving to everyone that a half-Jewish kid from Toronto can make it.

The Weeknd – Wicked Games

I had always categorized The Weeknd as an R&B singer, but according to Wikipedia, he’s a “PBR&B” artist, which is a term coined by music journalists to describe a new subgenre of R&B that uses more synth and indie beach rock sounds. Also, PBR stands for what you think it does – Pabst Blue Ribbon. Aka the beer of hipsters. Aka PBR&B is slang for hipster R&B (think Frank Ocean, Theophilus London, Jhene Aiko, Miguel, etc.). I’m learning so much! Anyways, it doesn’t matter what genre The Weeknd is, he is dope and has great music, including this song that sounds incredibly sexy but I’m pretty sure it has to do with drugs.

Robin Sparkles & Jessica Glitter – The Beaver Song

Let’s Go To The Mall? Played out. Sandcastles in the Sand? Overrated. The Beaver Song is where it’s at. You guys watched Space Teens as a kid, right? Starring Robin Sparkles, Jessica Glitter, and Canada’s favourite dad Alan Thicke? Of course you did. And what is better than a song aboot friendship? Absolutely nothing.

Molly’s Picks

Barenaked Ladies – Jane

In the 90s, BNL was a big favorite in our hometown – probably because we were right across the lake from Toronto.  I pondered over which BNL song would be the most Canadian, and settled on the one named after a girl named after a Toronto intersection. You can also listen to If I Had A Million Dollars, because they say “chesterfield.”

Alanis Morissette – Head Over Feet

I really could have kept going with the 90s artists: Bryan Adams, Sarah McLaughlin, Crash Test Dummies. The 90s, with all of their flannel, outdoor activewear, and left-leaning social policies, were probably the U.S.A.’s most Canadian decade, so this comes as no surprise. We really fell head over feet for you, Canada, didn’t we?

Neil Young – Rockin’ In The Free World

The freest world of all? Why, that would be Canada, of course.

Tegan And Sara – Back In Your Head

When I lived 10 minutes from the Canadian border, I never  knew when I was listening to Canadian radio and when I was listening to American radio. But years later I’ve learned that some albums I thought were ubiquitous – like The Con – were only all over the Canadian airwaves.  I’m still thankful for these Canadians, because a few of their tracks are on rotation at my gym and it’s some of the only good music they play.

Zit Remedy – Everybody Wants Something

Degrassi is a Canadian treasure. This song is not.

Canada Can Keep The Following Artists:

Avril Lavigne, Justin Bieber, Nickleback, Celine Dion, Sarah McLaughlin.

But thanks for these guys:

Joni Mitchell, deadmau5, Gordon Lightfoot, I guess Shania Twain. In exchange for your troubles, you can have this fine piece of Canadian art by my small nephew. The tests haven’t come back, but I’m pretty sure this kid came out Canadian.

Playlist of the Month: New Artists, New Jams

Spring is the air, and it’s time for all things new – flowers are budding, leaves are popping up on the trees, baby bunnies are … hopping, I guess?… and after a long, stale winter, some new music is hitting the airwaves.

In case you’re looking, here are some fresh hot jams you should get into:

Check out the entire playlist of Spotify!

Molly’s Picks:

Drops of Jupiter – Train

The woman this song is about is so interesting and magical, like the girl a guy would fall in love with in an indie film. I like the part where she does tae-bo.

Blue (Da Ba Dee) – Eiffel 65

We have absurdism in art, and even in comedy, and it’s like why not in music, you know? I have a feeling that Eiffel 65 is really going places. This song is about a guy who is blue and has blue stuff. I think it might be about depression, not sure.

Work It – Missy Elliot

I’m having a really hard time figuring out what she says after “put my thing down flip it and reverse it.” Is it just sounds? It doesn’t matter. This jam is fresh just how it is.

Underneath Your Clothes – Shakira

This song is the ultimate – it’s really romantic and sweet, but it’s also really hot. And I think it might add some new phrases to the pick up line lexicon – “is that your endless story, or are you just happy to see me?”

It Wasn’t Me – Shaggy

You won’t believe how catchy this is! But I’m more into Rikrok’s verses because sometimes it sounds like Shaggy has something caught in his throat. I don’t know what happens after the song ends, but I think they really might get back together.

Traci’s Picks

Smooth – Rob Thomas featuring Santana

Ok guys, I’m like obsessed with this song. Like so much that I went out and bought the CD single – which is annoying because it’s only about 4 songs, and 3 of them are remixes. But I like to stay true to the original. Obviously Matchbox 20 is one of the greatest bands ever, but Rob Thomas as a solo artist is proving that he’s a star with Santana. I feel like I’m supposed to know Santana, but excuse me if I don’t make it a habit of listening to Latin guitarists on the regular. Either way, I LOVE this song, and it’s the perfect summer anthem!

Faded – soulDecision

Ok, I know it seems like there are a lot of boy bands creepin up these days, but I feel like this one is going to make it. They’re from Canada but it doesn’t sound like it (IDK what that means). I love the soul/r&B voices these white guys have, and that unique sound will definitely take them far.

Take Me There -Blackstreet featuring Mýa, Mase and Blinky Blink

Let’s face it, I’m probably a little too old to be watching the Rugrats movie. But that didn’t stop me. Plus this song from the soundtrack is da bomb. And the music video looks like they had so much fun filming it. So cool.

The Bad Touch – Bloodhound Gang

This song is so ridiculous that it’s actually really good and the music video is even weirder, which makes it even more amazing. I mean who does this? So many people are going to vote for this on TRL.

Give It To You – Jordan Knight

New Kids on the Block may be broken up but I’m so glad that Jordan Knight came out with this single! I love the two-step vibe (that is totally the greatest new genre of music – Craig David, anyone?). Not to mention his buddy Joey McIntyre has a great single out too, these New Kids are totally making names for themselves without the rest of the guys!