Things I Think About Before I Go To Bed

Just before I go to bed at night, my brain is a little something like Lorelai Gilmore’s in this clip:

Here’s just a sampling of a normal night. This probably explains why I’m single.

What time is it? Is it too early too go to bed? Should I have gone to bed earlier? Oh I should remember to do that thing. Which episode of The West Wing should I put in? (I have to have the TV on when I fall asleep…) I can’t watch that episode because I’ll want to watch the entire thing, and before I know it it’s 3am. Ugh, but I want to watch it. I’m so tired I’ll probably fall asleep during it anyways. Are there any good Josh and Donna scenes in this one? Or Abbey and Jed? How about a good CJ moment?

I need to look it up on IMDb to remember. Oh I haven’t checked Instagram in a couple hours. Ugh so many pictures of dogs. I should post more pictures. Maybe I should post one now. No, it’s too late, no one will see it. I’ll just go though my photos just in case there’s a good one. Oh delete. Delete. DELETE WHY DO I KEEP THESE ON HERE.

That video is funny though. Why won’t Vine let me upload vids? I’m weirdly intrigued with Vine. I need more followers on Vine. I need to stop watching the same six second video I posted on Vine. What celebrities can I stalk on Vine? Jimmy Fallon’s a good one. He posted that pic on Twitter earlier that didn’t load for me I need to go back and look at it… I need to remember to do that thing. Why do I follow these people on Twitter, they’re not even funny or have anything interesting to say. In fact, you’re not really even saying anythinggg.

This Jimmy Fallon picture isn’t that good. Someone posted an article I wanted to read who was it?OHMYGOD I WENT ON MY PHONE TO CHECK IMDB. Wait, this episode is almost over? I don’t even remember pressing play. I already forgot what thing I was supposed to do. I’m too tired to deal with this. How is it 3am. UGHHHHHH.

and scene.