Digging Through the Archives: Vacation Bible School Treasures

Molly has previously written about how when we were in high school, the two of us, along with our friends Sarah and Monica, volunteered to be teachers at Vacation Bible School at my church (Spoiler: We got kicked out).

In the post, she mentions a lovely young girl we taught who we called A.C. Slater. An excerpt:

There was a girl who looked just like A.C. Slater. I don’t even mean like Slater’s nine-year-old sister, but I mean … I mean she had a jheri curl mullet. And the same dimples. Even her skin tone and eye shape were the same. Obviously we referred to her as A.C., and we may have tried to get her to repeat Saved By The Bell catch phrases and sit backwards on her chair like she was chillin after school at The Max. Oh, and on the last day, we took a picture with her, holding up a photo of Mario Lopez behind her head where she couldn’t see it. A.C. also had a younger brother who we predicted would grow up hot. Does anyone want to check on that? It’s been 10 years so that’s way less creepy now.

We may have been good people and volunteered with kids at a church, but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t make fun of the children.

I recently came across this in one of my LiveJournal entries (yes, laugh all your want) during our time at VBS. It’s a worksheet we made the kids do, but apparently I stole it, scanned it, and put it in my LJ. What a loser. Except I’m so glad I did that, because I totally forgot about this. It’s like looking into a time capsule. I mean this 5th grader incorporated George Dubya into her VBS activity. I think we underestimated A.C. She even managed to name her dog – Molly.


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  1. I have so many questions about this and so few answers. Why am I the dog? Why is the then-leader of the free world singing to a butterfly? Who let us teach VBS? ARE WE FRIENDS WITH GEORGE W BUSH NOW???


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