Show You Should Be Watching If You Aren’t Already: Veep

There is one main reason you should watch this political comedy and that is Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Don’t get me wrong, the secondary characters are fantastic (like Tony Hale/Buster Bluth and Anna Chlumsky from your VHS copy of My Girl), but the star of the show is clearly JLD.

This bodes well since she plays the Vice President of the United States and this show is clearly called Veep. However, VP Selina Meyer is not exactly what you would call competent. She often needs the guidance of those around her to tell her what to do, how to vote, etc. She’s disregarded even in her high position in office, and is even often forgotten by the President himself (see video below). She’s honest, eager to please, but at the same time a brash woman who swears like a sailor. Take everything you thought you knew about how the White House is run and throw it out the window, because VP Selina Meyers is the exact opposite of how you think government should be run.

Just take a look at some clips of the show, and you’ll know why JLD received an Emmy Award for this role, and why our very own Joe Biden is a fan of the show too. From politician bribing to a pregnancy scare, this show’s entire ensemble of characters is so solid that they’ve never even shown the president once. You still have time to watch all 8 episodes of season 1, before season 2 premieres on Sunday!

Season 1 Trailer

What the Fuck Amy? – Selina’s Chief of Staff is in some hot water

I’m the Vice President!

Did The President Call? – The running joke of the show is that Selina is so unimportant that the President doesn’t even want to talk to his VP

This might be my favorite line in the entire series, as crass and ridiculous as it may be.


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