Leonardo DiCaprio, The Internet, and You

On November 11th, 2013, Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio turned 39 years of age. 39. That’s one year away from 40. Leo is officially like, an adult. Perhaps the age was jarring because in my mind, he is forever 23 years old. If you do the math (which, I mean, don’t), that brings us to 1997, when he was in Titanic. You guessed it folks – I, like many girls of my generation – was a total Titanic fangirl. I saw it 5 times in the movie theater, purchased every single item of memorabilia (including the script) and wore out tapes 1 & 2 of the VHS copies. In fact, I was so obsessed with Leo himself that I made it a mission to watch every single movie he was in (note to parents: don’t let your 12 year old watch The Basketball Diaries without knowing what it’s about first) and even used the name “Julieta”  in Spanish class as an ode to Romeo + Juliet.

Anyways, because I am a Leo fan, I’ve always remembered his birthday, but I never would have imagined he would have a bash like he did on Sunday. Apparently, Leo is a big rap fan, and invited his FRIEND 2 Chainz to perform. Oh yeah, AND Kanye West.

The party at Tao in NYC ended up being a charity event too, because he raised $3 million for his environmental foundation, so all in all not too shabby. But thanks to social media and the internet, there are plenty of videos and pix to make us *almost* feel like we were there.

Then again, Leo has somehow been a constant presence on the internet, despite the man himself being a more reserved and private celebrity. Case in point: Memes.

Just like it’s difficult to find a person who hates Leo IRL, the internet feels the same adoration for him, by making him the subject of many a meme. So to celebrate Leo in all his glorious 39 years of existence, here are some of the greatest viral items of one of the greatest actors of our generation.

Strutting Leo

The one that stands out the most – strutting Leo. Originally taken while he was on set filming Inception, the folks of the interwebz took this comical pic of Leo and Photoshop him into various other scenes.

Inception Leo

This was taken straight from a scene in Inception where Cobb (Leo) is talking to Robert Fischer (Cillian Murphy), but Leo’s reaction face is what got the internet nerds all in a tizzy.

Rage over Leo’s lack of Oscars

Pretty self explanatory. The Academy hates Leo. The Internet hates the Academy.

Bad Luck Leo

In which Jack Dawson looks happy on the outside, but on the inside, his heart is frozen over.

Poppin ‘n Lockin Leo

If this doesn’t convince you to see Wolf of Wall Street, I don’t know what will

Basically, this was just posted everywhere and anywhere and sometimes in wall form.

Time-Travelling Demon Leo




104 thoughts on “Leonardo DiCaprio, The Internet, and You

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  2. I have to say I didn’t like him when he was younger. He kind of looked like a girl The movie “The Departed” turned it around for me.


  3. The Basketball Diaries was a terrible book and shittier movie. DiCaprio wasn’t worth a damn as an actor until he stared in the movie The Beach. it’s like the movie kicked him in the ass and told him to “Be a good actor, damn it!” Titanic was just a horrible movie all the way around…another Cameron “I’m a God!!!!!!” crapfest.


  4. This. Is. Great. I think if there was some kind of alien/zombie invasion, Leo would be the calm, plucky hero who would sacrifice himself to save us all, ala Bruce Willis in ‘Armageddon’. This is what I think about.


  5. Hilarious! I’m totally from the Titanic/Leo obsessed generation too – love him. And that dancing GIF is exactly the reason I’m dying to see Wolf of Wall Street.


  6. Hey, Leo’s been looking 40 since 35, I would say! Doesn’t take away one bit from how awesome he is. Particularly, I think he’s one of the few actors who’s given stellar performances in every single movie he’s done. Like, every single one of them. I was heartbroken after watching him in The Great Gatsby, most recently. After reading Gatsby, I was sure no one could portray him to perfection – but I almost forgot Leo exists!

    Sigh, such great actors getting older makes you wonder what’s going to happen to the world once they’re all gone? The new lot aren’t nearly as versatile, dedicated or overall awesome.

    ❤ Leo, happy birthday.


  7. Damn you. Your genius has dredged up long suppressed memories: ‘I, like many girls of my generation – was a total Titanic fangirl. I saw it 5 times in the movie theater, purchased every single item of memorabilia (including the script) and wore out tapes 1 & 2 of the VHS copies. In fact, I was so obsessed with Leo himself that I made it a mission to watch every single movie he was in’.
    Yes. We are one. But we are many.


  8. Leonardo DiCaprio has been around for pretty much my entire cognizant life; I see him every year in a different commercial for a different movie, and have enjoyed the few movies of his that I watched.

    It was shocking to read that he does not have an Oscar. I kind of just presumed my whole life that he had one since he’s pretty much been an A-list actor for most of my life; and especially since he starred in one of three films to win NINE Oscars. I never saw Titanic, but I assumed he was one of those nine Oscars.

    Interesting to read; entertaining too of course :).

    That Inception picture never gets old XD.


  9. There was so much room on that raft for Jack. Darn Rose. If you have any extra time, I would really appreciate if you could check out my new blog “The Cheating Truth.” Thanks


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  11. Aww, poor Leo. I was barely too young to watch Titanic when it came out (according to my parents, bah) but I redeemed myself by watching it in 3D last year. Amazing! My personal favorite is Strutting Leo, btw. It will never get old.


  12. I think Leo is a great actor. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and the Titanic have to be my favorite movies that he is in. I didn’t realize he was almost 40. I guess it’s because to me he does not look that old. Not that 39 is old… I’d have to agree with you and many others, that it is hard to believe he does not have an oscar. I thought Titanic would have been the movie to get him one. People just do not recognize good actors anymore.


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