5 Movies I Have To Watch When They’re On TV


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You probably have a similar list. You’ve seen movies of this ilk hundreds of times, hell, you even own a copy. But if it’s on TV, that’s something completely different.

Even though I may not have enough time to sit and watch the film in its entirety, I still have it playing in the background. There’s just something about it being on my TV screen at a random time that’s so exciting. So here’s my list of movies I’ll never change the channel on.

Mean Girls

Easily one of my favorite movies of all time, so when TBS decides to run it, I’m cheering for Glen Coco and attempting to do the Rockin Around The Christmas Tree dance. It also reminds of a simpler time, when Li Lo wasn’t as out of control. RIP 2004 Lindsay.


Again, this is obviously one of the greatest films ever made. But who has 3 hours and 17 minutes to spare? If you’re lucky enough, maybe you’ll catch either the part where Jack brings Rose down to the steerage party or when the ship *spoiler alert* starts to sink.

A Walk to Remember

Oh Jamie Sullivan, how you have left a mark on all of us. I believe this was the beginning of the Nicholas Sparks romantic movie reign, so when I first watched this in the movie theater, I had no idea someone was going to die after an epic love story. It was a revelation. I also get a sense of nostalgia when I watch this movie, because my friend gave me the soundtrack for one of my birthdays, and I listened to it nonstop. Hellooo 2003.

Bring It On

I feel like I don’t even have to explain this one. You’re lying to yourself if you haven’t stopped to watch this jam. Brr.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

I just realized the trend with all these movies is that I watched them as a kid/teen, so naturally if I want to revisit my childhood, I just need to pause and check out young Traci right before my eyes. No matter how many times I watch Willy Wonka though, it’s just as magical as it was the first time. Sure, I can tell production wise how 1970s it looks, but for godsake, there was a chocolate river with a boat and a drugged out tunnel!!!!



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