Why You Gotta Be So Mean: My reasons for strongly disliking Taylor Swift

If you know me, you know that one of the celebrities I cannot stand is T Swift herself. If you don’t know me well, you probably assumed that due to my other interests (BSB, Disney Channel queens, pop music in general), that I would be inclined to like aforementioned singer. However, the fact is that while I do find some of her songs catchy, I personally find her annoying, immature, insincere, and not that great of a singer. While she may be great to her fans, I just don’t care for her.

I think my indifference turned to great dislike when I saw her perform on SNL in 2009. For some reference, since I come from a singing/musical theater type background, I greatly appreciate singers who can sing well live. This – this, was not a good live performance. I remember thinking, ‘Oh good GOD this is just… awful. And pitchy. AND AWFUL.’ (Incidentally, I found a link to this video in an article titled ‘Worst SNL performances’)

From then on, I could not look at the girl without thinking of her horrible SNL appearance. To add to the negative counts against her, she kept winning awards and as most of you know, acting surprised when she received every.single.one. Bitch, we get it. You’re a simple average girl from Pennsylvania who used to get bullied in school and now you’re a worldwide pop sensation. Accept it. Everyone else has.

Really glad someone made a video montage of her surprised faces. Ugh, I got annoyed just watching it. My favorite part is at :13 when the announcer says this is T Swizzle’s 10th American Music Award and at that moment she literally looks like she’s never won anything in her life. Get a grip.

She’s also got quite the black book of famous ex-boyfriends, and then turns around and writes a song about how they’ve wronged her AND OMG THERE IS SOMETHING CALLED THE ‘SWIFTIPEDIA’.

Here’s my thing: do you think she ever realizes that the common denominator in all her failed relationships is… her??? Also, you’re like 23 years old, stop writing songs like you’re still 15. (See lyrics to Mean: ‘all you’re ever gonna be is mean. Why you gotta be so mean?’)

So in short, don’t get me a Taylor Swift CD for my birthday, Christmas, or ever. I’m sure she’s a nice girl in person, but I just could care less.


7 thoughts on “Why You Gotta Be So Mean: My reasons for strongly disliking Taylor Swift

  1. OH MY GOSH YES. I’ll admit I have a severe weakness for some of her songs, brought on by six summers as a camp counselor in North Carolina, but really, but as a person, she drives me insane. I can’t believe we’re so close in age and yet years apart in maturity level (and I don’t even sort of have my life together).
    She’s given herself this very specific image–the girl who turns her diary into songs–and it makes her seem SO FAKE every time she pretends to be edgy (please, never watch the video for “I Knew You Were Trouble.”) Other “good girl” singers could get away with that and call it acting, but Taylor stakes her whole reputation on the fact that she’s telling her stories, so what others can call “acting” feels in her case more like “lying.”
    Also, “Mean” is just mean. Doesn’t she want to be better than the people she’s singing about?
    Clearly no.


    • THIS. She’s very ‘woe is me’ in her songs in a way that is extracting the absolute opposite reaction from people like us. and so glad you used good girl in quotes, bc honestly, the girl has had waay more gentleman callers than miley cyrus, and everyone thinks she’s a slut bc of how she looks. come on.


  2. I just became a fan of your blog FOR LIFE, after this entry….As a quasi musician/singer playing the occasional open mic, her awful live performances caused my jaw to drop and wonder, “who in the hell heard this girl sing and thought, “she’s a star?” Apparently, a 6th grade girl with poor hearing…


    • oh my gosh you are too kind! but i’m glad that i’m not the only one who abhors bad live ‘singers’! if you can’t sing well live, don’t sing at all! thanks for reading 🙂


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