Your Unofficial Guide to your new TV Addictions

May is always an exciting/bittersweet time in television, as our favorite shows wrap up and stow away in their little TV hibernation caves and don’t come out until September. It’s also the time when network execs decide who won’t be coming out of their hibernation caves and which new shows will get a chance to play with the other shows. This is a horrible analogy, but you (hopefully) know what I mean.

Last week, the networks debuted the trailers for new pilots coming at us in the fall. Here are the most promising shows that actually have a shot of making it past one season*.


Sean Saves the World {Thursday @ 9p}

Sean Hayes is back on TV! Not only that but he’s back on NBC on Must See TV night. aka Thursday, because NBC *peacocks* comedy. He plays a single gay dad raising a teenage girl, hilarity ensues.

The Michael J. Fox Show {Thursday @ 9:30p}

NBC is really gunning for nostalgia this season, as another TV legend, Michael J. Fox comes back to the small screen. He plays a man with Parkinson’s disease who returns to work because he’s bored and feels like he’s annoying his family. Anyone who can make fun of themselves to this degree is A OK in my book.

About a Boy {Tuesday @ 9:30p – Midseason replacement}
Based on the Hugh Grant movie of the same name, David Walton plays the dad part and Benjamin Stockham (the kid from 1600 Penn RIP) plays the son. Don’t really care if it’s good or not but I’m watching this because it’s executive produced by Friday Night Lights and Parenthood god Jason Katims.

The Blacklist {Monday @ 10p}

The world’s most wanted criminal, played by a creepy James Spader, turns himself in to the police and offers to give up info about other criminals they’ve been chasing for years. Apparently The Blacklist was the highest tested show among the past 125 pilots NBC has seen over the past decade, so it has to be good, right?


Us and Them

Listen, if you’re going to put two people from two of my all-time favorite shows together, I’m going to watch it. And it doesn’t even matter that in an alternate world, the guy dated her mom. Of course I’m taking about the great Jason Ritter (who is Lauren Graham’s true love on Parenthood) and Alexis Bledel (who is of course Lorelai III). But somehow – somehow, it works.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine {Tuesdays @ 8:30p}

I’m going to be honest with you. I’m not sure if this show’s going to make it. On paper, it sounds great. This cop show stars Andy Samberg as an aloof officer and is executive produced by Mike Schur (the genius behind Parks and Rec and ex-writer/Mose of The Office). The trailer was just okay, but I’m hoping it’ll be better than I think.


Super Fun Night {Wednesdays @ 9:30p}

Rebel Wilson. That is all.

Trophy Wife {Tuesdays @ 9:30p}

JOSH LYMAN!! JOSH LYMAN, YOU GUYS!!! Sorry. This is the first show Bradley Whitford has been on since I finished watching The West Wing, so I’m just excited he’s back on TV. BUT JOSH LYMAN!!!

The Goldbergs {Tuesdays @ 9p}

The Goldbergs is very Wonder Years-esque, but more of a quirky, Malcolm in the Middle type Wonder Years. It’s set in 1980s, so just watching it is like stepping into a

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. {Tuesdays @ 8p}

This involves Marvel and superheroes. I may not be particularly interested in it, but this will be a hit for sure.


Mom {Mondays @ 9:30p}

Anna Farris as a single mom, who’s dealing with her own mom – Allison Janney? Yes, okay.

Hostages {Mondays @ 10p}

Toni Collette plays a Washington, D.C. surgeon who is scheduled to operate on the President. Except the night before, some random conspirators take her and her family hostage and threaten to kill her entire family unless she intentionally kills POTUS. Scary shit, y’all.

Intelligence {Mondays @ 10p/Midseason replacement}

This show has something to do with technology of the future and Lost’s Josh Holloway. I’m not really sure, but it looks really cool.

*unless it’s NBC, in which case anything is up in the air and everything will be cancelled after one episode.