Word Art & Wallpaper: Exploring 1996 Campaign Websites

We’re about one year away from electing the next President of the United States – I know. It feels like it’s already been going on forever. With the debates and daily late night TV jokes and everything that is going on with Trump, it seems like we’ve been trying to narrow down the candidates from 100 to 2, but we’re still in the thick of it and have a long way to go.

If you’re still undecided about who to throw your support behind, following them on social media or looking up their interviews is a way to go, but tooling around the candidates’ websites is always a safe bet. For the most part, these sites are sleek and user friendly, easy when you want to look up issues important to the politicians.

Flashback to the mid-1990s, when America was deciding between a Clinton/Gore ticket and Dole/Kemp presidency in 1996. The Internet was barely a thing then, so subsequently, so were websites. Legit this was the year before I got my first email address on AOL, so one could only imagine the level of high technology on these sites. Actually, you don’t have to imagine. These sites are still active, and I’m bringing you the best of each Dem and Republican website from 20 years ago. Hop in my time machine *time machine noises* and hit play on your Spice Girls CD because we goin’ way way back.

The Homepage


Photo Oct 31, 2 17 40 PM

You guys need to go to these websites (click on the image above and below for respective sites) because I can’t accurately show the animated images of the flashing modem on Willy C’s homepage. He has a lot of information available on his site, so the flashing modem is just the beginning. Thanks, Al Gore.

Dole/KempPhoto Oct 31, 2 17 29 PM

Seriously, the prehistoric GIFs on here are outstanding. The Dole/Kemp website doesn’t have much information available, and that’s partly because we’re on the site 20 years after they lost the election, but partly because they just didn’t have as much on the site as their opponents. I also appreciate that they put “http:// http://www.dolekemp96. org” on the homepage, just in case you forgot what site you were on.

About The Candidates


Photo Oct 31, 2 17 49 PM



Photo Oct 31, 2 17 57 PM

You can’t even click on Jack Kemp’s page, so if you wanted to know more about him, S.O.L. Or like, go to Wikipedia or something.

The Issues


Photo Oct 31, 2 18 29 PM

The 3D shadow was up another 40% on the immigration page, which obviously indicates he means business. The list of Clinton/Gore’s issues are easy to navigate and not too comprehensive, yet to the point.


Photo Oct 31, 2 18 20 PM

Meanwhile, Bob Dole’s issue pages state his own vision, but then the reason why Bill Clinton is wrong.



Photo Oct 31, 2 18 44 PM

One of my favorite things about these sites, especially the Clinton/Gore camp, have specific instructions for early Internet users to use the multimedia on the site. Stuff like explaining how to save campaign posters or view videos. *right click save*


Photo Oct 31, 2 18 36 PM

These commercials were not available to download anymore, but these summaries are sufficient enough. “Bob Dole is a plain-spoken man” (someone we want as Pres…?) . Also he talks about how his grandmother cleaned his mouth out with a bar of soap, so…



Photo Oct 31, 2 18 57 PM

Y’all, why don’t we use wallpaper anymore??? The idea of going to your favorite celeb or artist’s site and downloading one of the pre-made images is an art we don’t use in 2015! Let’s bring back wallpaper!


Photo Oct 31, 2 18 50 PM

Guys, what’s a .pict??

Site Highlight

Photo Oct 31, 2 29 42 PM

I’m gonna need everyone to read this entire email and enjoy the photo of Bill at his latptop in full.

Photo Oct 31, 2 19 08 PM


TBH, this cookie reciepe doesn’t sound any more exciting than the Keebler Pecan Sandies.