Coachella Chows Down

OMG can you believe how crazy Coachella was this weekend? I’m so mad I didn’t see Kanye but I DID get a glimpse of Leo trying to pretend he wasn’t just whispering in Rihanna’s ear.

I can believe how crazy it was, mainly because I wasn’t there despite all those things above being true.

While a lot of Angelenos made the exodus out to Indio/Palm Springs over the weekend, I happily spent #NoChella at home blogging, finishing Fuller House and stalking the significant others of Gilmore Girls actors on social media. Which activity is better ? Who’s to say?! However, during my Instagram and Twitter stalking, I also found out that apparently there has been a reason for me to go to Coachella all along, and that reason is food.

I’m not actually sure if these top notch food stands have been at thing at Coachella for forever, but thanks to social media and the Internet, I know now. In my mind, Coachella is a sea of people on top of a mound of dirt in hot hot heat (not the band) and living on port-a-potties and mediocre pizza. Apparently only some of that is factual.

This year, the fest features 40 different vendors + pop-ups + three full-service restaurants. Suprisingly fancy, no? Basically, the Coachella food line-up is made up of a handful of the trendiest and most popular restaurants in Los Angeles that make the journey to the trendiest and most popular music festival in the U.S. and set up shop. If you’ve ever wanted to know what the food culture is like in LA, Coachella represents it well. First of all, you have a variety of different cuisines available to you that aren’t just funnel cakes and turkey legs. Second, a lot of those cuisines take traditional dishes and modernize them with another genre – e.g. Canadian Poutine with Indian Chicken Tikka Masala (see below) or comfort foods with a “California flare” – e.g. ice cream in a “milky bun” (see below).

However, the main requirement for cool food in LA is that it’s super Instagrammable because if no one posts pictures on Instagram of Coachella, does Coachella even exist? Here are just a few of the foods that took over Insta during Weekend 1, and prepare to feel FOMO for a festival based on food alone.

Ice Cream

Here’s said ice cream – a milky bun is a product of Afters Ice Cream, where they take the ice cream of your choice, add a topping, and put it inside a modified glazed donut. Then they put it through some kind of top secret iron which makes the bun warm but keeps the ice cream cold because it’s literal magic they’re making.

The #MilkyBun invades @coachella ! 📷: @dailyfoodfeed

A post shared by Afters Ice Cream 🍦 12pm-12am (@aftersicecream) on


And here we have regular ice cream, which seems less exciting than ice cream in a hot bun.


Apparently vegan ramen is a thing, and it’s super popular

My favorite part about vegan foodstagrams is trying to figure out just how much of it looks truly edible


LA’s Koreatown is a hot spot for foods and late night entertainment, so it’s no surprise Korean BBQ and bibimbap made its way to Coachella Valley.

Live from Coachella 🌴🍜🎶detective @nicoloportunato will be sharing some of the best #eeeeeats #FOODETECTION

A post shared by The Food Detective (@the_food_detective) on


Still don’t know why this bun is red, but given the amount of burger joints in SoCal, you have to stand out somehow.

Can't miss this at @coachella ! #gdbroburger | 📷: @goodeatzco

A post shared by Food Network – S6 TGFTR (@gdbroburger) on


What is California without Mexican food? A pit of guacamole-less despair.

Chilaquiles, Bacon, Cheese § Guacamole || The Lobos Truck || Indio, CA (@coachella) Photo Credit 📷: @lafoodieguy Even the bear wants in on these @thelobostruck chilaquiles. Day ✌🏼️ of the festival is getting ready to start here and we're getting nourished for the day ahead. These were pretty amazing, even when you wake up still feeling the night before. Made sure to ask for bacon and guac because it didn't come with.👌🏼 Stay tuned for more eats from the second day of @coachella. Like, comment or tag a friend who would love these for breakfast! ✌🏼️😎 #LAFoodieGuy #LAFG ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ 👇🏼👯 Comment or tag your friends! 👫👇🏼

A post shared by #LAFoodieGuy ✌🏼️😎🍔 (@lafoodieguy) on


I feel like poke bowls are making their way from Hawaii to LA slowly but surely after seeing a whole lot of poke restaurants popping up. I ain’t mad about it.


Gourmet donuts are huge in LA. These particular ones are vegan, because, duh.

You don't know how many people I had to push out of my way to find you little donut, but now you're mine. @donutfarmla raspberry donut let's go!

A post shared by DonutYouLikeMe-donuts & beyond (@donutyoulikeme) on


All the fries. All the toppings. All the time.

#Porkbelly fries & sriracha curry from @beerbelly_la ! 🍟😍 Coachella – Day 2.

A post shared by Eat🍔 Drink🍺 Rally💁🏻 (@eatdrinkrally) on

Hot Dogs

How you even eat this without feeling ridiculous in public, idk.

The full package 😏🌭 #sumodog #coachella

A post shared by Lesley (@misscutiefoodie) on


Probably one of the most convenient foods at Coachella, you can grab one and go save a spot so you have a good view of Purity Ring later. Give me one of everything, please.

Colors of Coachella, thanks to @freerangela 🌈🐔#YUMDIARIES #chickengawds #coachella #coachellaeeeeeats

A post shared by Nadia & Emily #YUMDIARIES (@theyumdiaries) on

Step 1: get a chicken & waffle. Step 2: smother it in syrup. Step 3: DEVOUR. #coachellaeats 📷: @yumscore

A post shared by Official Coachella Eats 2016 (@coachellaeats) on


From acai bowls to quinoa bowls, it’s like the best of West Hollywood in the desert.

thank you @superbafoodandbread at coachella for feeding me something my nutritionist would approve

A post shared by Connie Tsang (@ghengisconnie) on


Because it’s 90 degrees in the desert and you’re jumping around next to sweaty humans.


Camping is a thing people do at Coachella, so obvs you gotta have gourmet s’mores.


Welcome to California, where you drink alcohol all day and go on a juice cleanse for the rest of the month.

refreshed, rehydrated 😁🌴💦

A post shared by a l i n d a (@thatfitfoodie) on




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