Graduation Caps On Fleek

When we graduated high school 12 years (!!!!) ago, we didn’t have the option – or maybe didn’t even know there was the option – to decorate the tops of our caps. By college, I think the trend was still out there, but people at my school didn’t delve into their arts & crafts side, despite being an arts school. But now that it’s graduation season again, I am constantly seeing more and more elaborately decorated caps that are more exciting than any commencement I’ve ever attended.

And of course, there’s a good chunk out there that were inspired by pop culture, so here are some of the best from the Class of 2016 and their graduation caps on fleek*.

*I’m too old to be saying that they’re not “on fleek” I take that back.

Where is the lie?

Queen B for those Queens, B.

And of course the wise words of Michael Scott…

Some call it the Hamilton Effect (we do. we call it that.)


3 thoughts on “Graduation Caps On Fleek

  1. My daughter did this to her college graduation cap in 2014. Loved it. Back in our day it would have been cause to have you tossed from procession for being less than dignified. Hats off to you millennials for not having your head to high in the clouds!


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