Gilmore Girls Revival Town Meeting: Chilton, Gays, and A Wookie, Oh My!

The flowers are in bloom in Stars Hollow, and we’re back to give a recap and our thoughts on the second installment of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life – Spring. Just like the season it’s named after, the theme of this episode is the start of new things, but also the return of old favorites. And… a Wookie?

M: The Spring title screen comes up and I cannot for the life of me remember if there was one for Winter. As we mentioned last time, we may have been dazed the first few minutes there.

M: Lorelai and Emily at mother-daughter therapy goes just about how you would imagine – anger, tense silences, and the nice candle that Emily told us would be there.

T: Broadway great Kerry Butler is Claudia, the therapist, and after news of her casting came out a while ago, I just assumed she’d be in the Stars Hollow musical with Sutton Foster and Christian Borle, but imagine my surprise when she showed up in the trailer as the one helping to put Emily and Lorelai back together. Since we won’t get to hear her sing, here is Tony-nominated Kerry singing Fly, Fly Away from Catch Me If You Can. What a dream.

T: One of the brilliant things about each installment focusing on one season is that we get to see multiple Stars Hollow festivals, including the Spring International Food Festival (Singapore is just a dick). Taylor is back to being annoyed at something going wrong, while Kirk plays his right hand man, Jackson is at his vegetable booth (! sans Sookie), Lane is running a table with Rory, and Mrs. Kim has taken on a new project with Korean teen singers, who are scared of the tambourine.

Mrs. Kim on teen singers: “They’ll get used to it. Just like electricity at night!”



And this is my first complaint – I kinda wish he was never revealed. I would’ve been totally fine with it being a mystery. But alas. Also, he’s v old, no?

T: The Bid-On-A-Basket fundraiser is BACK and fittingly, Luke and Lorelai watch the auction happen, similar to season 2 in A-Tisket, A-Tasket episode in which Lor forces Luke to bid on her basket in order to save her from the dudes Miss Patty planted, and they end up having a romantic picnic in the gazebo. Lor even references this and called it “the early days of their romance” #OTP

T: Lor ends up buying some gal named Cassie’s basket, who is basically Sookie 2.0.


M: “Your cheeks are like two white apples” – Alex Kingston (/Naomi) neatly summarizing what it is about how fresh Rory looks.

T: I’m also starting to get a bad feeling about Alex Kingston/Naomi. She’s a little too off the rails right now…

“I’m voting for Brexit. It’s a protest vote. It’ll never win.” – Gilmore Girls sending me crashing back into reality.

T: There’s no denying Logan (who is much hotter now than before?) still loves Rory a lot. But what we find out during a lunch (that was crashed by Mitchum) is that Logan is engaged to Odette, a French heiress. SO WHAT YOU’RE TELLING ME IS THEY’RE BOTH CHEATERS?!?

M: Our first town meeting – Stars Hollow is planning its first gay pride parade. Also, the B-level actors from a locally filmed movie will be staying at the Dragonfly. Also the town has a bit of a rivalry with Woodbury, where the A-list stars are staying. It’s like Stars Hollow’s Eagleton. Only at this moment do I realize how similar Gilmore Girls and Parks and Recreation – two of my favorite shows – really are. Part of it is the humor mixed with sincerity and goodness, but part of it is that I feel like they could exist in the same universe.

Taylor asked for (gay) volunteers to march in the gay pride parade-
Taylor: We have Donald, who will be marching with his Chow Chow, Sherlock.
Babette: Sherlock is gay?
Donald: No, he’s just my dog.

T: Imagine Ron sitting in a town meeting run by Taylor. He would HATE it. Another great thing about this first town meeting is that we get to see all our old friends again, including Babette, Andrew, and Bootsy, who I’m pretty sure wasn’t even on the last 4 seasons of the OG series, and newcomer Donald, played by Sam Pancake – Lauren Graham’s BFF IRL! I also loved the run of everyone trying to get Taylor “Liza with a Z” Doose to come out – especially from Gypsy, who is clearly in love with Lorelai.

T: Luke finds out over the phone that Liz & TJ accidentally signed up for a co-op that turned out to be a cult that sells vegetables. It sounds much like Scientology – a 6 million year contract – but with food. I can’t help but think this is shade from ASP, since Kathleen Wilhoite (who played Liz) tweeted a while ago that she wasn’t asked back for the revival and wasn’t surprised.


T: I feel like I say, “OH MY GOD” outloud to my TV screen every 8 minutes because of some kind of cameo or call back or general plot line. It is great.

M: Michel is Lorelai’s Paris – her “angry friend.” Hah.

Lorelai on having B-list movie stars staying at the Dragonfly: What’s the point of living if we’re never going to bag JLaw?

T: We are back at another Stars Hollow staple, the Black, White, and Read movie theater, where Kirk is dressed up for the screening of Eraserhead – and SURPRISE – a new short film! Kirk’s first short film is easily one of the most memorable moments from the OG series, and the fact that we got a new one (that won the coveted “Good Try Award”) is pure genius.

Also, in the scene where Kirk is walking his pig Petal outside Lorelai’s house, she didn’t even know he was doing filming it while she was at home, prompting Luke to say, “How did you not notice this?” and to which I said in a very loving and entertained tone, “This is so dumb!”

T: As an avid Gilmore Guys listener and GG: AYITL trailer watcher, I knew Kevin & Demi of said podcast had a cameo, and although it is brief, I love that they are at the Dragonfly when all the B-list millennials are there. Perfect. Can’t wait to hear them talk about their experience

“I’m not Edith Wharton, I don’t write letters” – Lorelai, re: a letter Emily says she received from Lorelai on her birthday, but that Lorelai has no recollection of.

M: I guess the thing is that the Dragonfly gets a different celebrity chef until we finally get Sookie (I hope). It’s Rachael Ray right now.

T: And why is Lor being such a B to these pop up chefs?! (she misses Sookie + is going through a mid-life crisis)

M: Holy cow: Emily still has the same maid. Luke and Lorelai come for dinner even though only Luke was invited, which seems INSANE. The giant Richard portrait is still up. It turns out that Emily wanted to talk to Luke about the importance of creating a will. Not only that, though – Richard created a trust to franchise Lukes. I love how Richard is still a real character even though he’s no longer here: that is such a Richard thing to do.

Emily: What’s wrong with your throat?
Luke: I swallowed a bug.
Emily: Why in the world would you do that?

M: Lorelai and Emily discuss Luke at therapy – Emily refers to Luke as Lorelai’s “roommate” and “booty buddy,” and therapist Claudia calls Luke Lorelai’s “guy” – “like it’s a beach blanket movie,” per Emily.

T: I’ve never been to therapy, but I feel like Claudia’s not doing a good job. She’s barely said anything mediative or helpful.

T: Richard had an actuarial of everyone’s day of death including luke aka he knew they’d be together forever bye and HE ALSO LEFT LUKE A TRUST FUND TO EXPAND AND FRANCHISE LUKES DINER JUST LIKE IN SEASON 5.

Emily: Luke, when are you going to embrace your future?
Luke: Tonight?
He is so perfectly awkward and uncomfortable with her it continues to be delightful

M: Paris and Rory return to speak at Chilton. File under: things you’ll never see us doing at our alma mater.

T: I don’t think they’d even remember me to ask me to speak at our high school. In saying that, neither of us caused trouble or left a lasting legacy like Paris, whom Headmaster Charleston is still afraid of. It’s a fair response, seeing as how Paris is telling kids in her class, “Betrayal, deception – and that’s just in the bedroom i’m not in the habit of quoting Stalin…

M: Paris sees Tristan chatting up some fancy Chilton lady (or “slutty biznatch” – Paris) and, in true Paris fashion, rushes a group of teens out of the bathroom.

M: Paris is “an MD, a lawyer, an expert in neoclassical architecture and I think a certified dental technician to boot” according to Francie. Yep, FRANCIE.

T: And one of Francie’s shining moments happened to also be in a bathroom, when she cornered Rory about Paris leading student council! I can’t help but think this new scene setting was on purpose.

T: Paris gave $100k to Chilton’ capital improvement plan?? SHE IS A MILLIONAIRE.

M: I would have guessed that Paris and Doyle would be stupid-rich. Would not have guessed they’d be breaking up. But Paris has a late period and this is TV so maybe they’ll have a baby that saves the relationship.

T: Headmaster Charleston encourages Rory to get her masters and come back to teach. What if Luke gives trust fund money to Rory for school?? Like honestly, she should just go get her masters.

T: Rory calls Logan and he’s sleeping next to who I’m assuming is Odette, and I said out loud, “THIS BITCH!” despite the fact he’s the one cheating. It’s the Lindsay Complex all over again. Also, he said Ace for the first time in the revival and it actually feels good and not slimy.

M: Rory finally has her meeting. No word on whether she’s wearing her lucky outfit.

T: And she has her meeting with Scandal’s own Dan Bucatinsky!

T: Yet another call back with Lor suggesting Luke is Viggo Moretensen! And yet again, Luke calls him Vito Morgenstern, just like in season 6! This stuff really gets to me, you guys.

REVIVAL: Lorelai to Luke, while watching A History of Violence: “Viggo Mortensen is you! He’s totally you. Seriously, David Cronenberg owes you money. He must have dropped by the diner, saw you, got inspired and turned you into this ex-thug guy.”
LORELAI: Cool. Wow. They could make a movie about this someday. You know…The reluctant, handsome diner owner sponsoring a team that goes all the way to the national finals, and you know who would play you?
LUKE: Who?
LORELAI: Tobey Maguire!
LUKE: He’s way younger than me.
LORELAI: But his career is hot. Go with Tobey.
LUKE: What about that Vito Morgenstern?
LORELAI: Sure. Or Viggo Mortensen.
LORELAI: Or Donald Sutherland.
LUKE: Too old.
LORELAI: We’ll dye his hair.
LUKE: He’s got jowls.
LORELAI: You’re picky.

What also gets to me (in a different way) – Luke and Lor hiding big things from each other. WHY 👏ARE👏 Y’ALL 👏LYING👏 YOU 👏ARE 👏ADULTS 👏THIS 👏IS 👏NOT👏 BUENO👏

M: The Naomi thing folds, even though I specifically told Rory to get everything in writing when I was talking to my TV during Winter.

T: AND HOLY SHIT NAOMI’S LAWYER IS PLAYED BY THE ONE AND ONLY JASON MANTZOUKAS!!!! You may recognize him from The League, Parks and Rec, currently Brooklyn Nine-Nine, or podcasts Comedy Bang Bang and How Did This Get Made – or most importantly, the Gilmore Guys. He’s been a frequent guest star on the show, and I’ve even seen him at three live shows. He’s a legit GG fan and has been for years. He even asked his agent to get him a role when it was still on the air, and he had a meeting, but he never got the part. He also pitched the idea of being the guy that sleeps with BOTH Lor and Rory, which makes sense if you know his humor. ANYWAYS, his casting in the revival was never announced so seeing him on the screen made me scream out loud and start crying a bit, because I HAVE BEEN V EMO DURING THIS ENTIRE PROCESS.

M: Rory falls back on the offer to write a piece on lines. People waiting in lines. Our darling and favorite celebrity Gilmore Girls fan, Mae Whitman, is here! Lorelai calls her “kid.” My heart is as full as it’s ever been.

ALSO: “Monique Aswell’s Crodo like IRL “Dominique Ansel’s Cronut!

T: Also in that small group of folks with Mae was a gal named Kristine, who is Scott Patterson’s wife and baby mama IRL! She also had a small cameo in Last Week Tights, This Week Fights! And did anyone else find it slightly annoying that Lor just easily acquired the items without waiting in line – and also flaunted it??


T: Another cameo! The one and only Michael Ausiello – the OG Gilmore Guy and most-trusted journalist in all-things Gilmore!

M: Not saying Rory’s spiraling out of control, but she slept with a wookie from one of the lines then told her mom about it. It’s Rory’s first one night stand and Lorelai has had zero, which surprised me until Lorelai reminded us all she was a mom at 16.

Lorelai: Did you not breakup with Pete yet? Does Patrick know?

M: Next stop: that website gig, Sandy Says, which looks like a big mess. No HR? I’m glad Rory found her red dress but I have a red flag for her. Rory is more or less promised the job but then doesn’t get it. Dodged a bullet, TBH.

T: Agreed. In that both Sandy AND Rory dodged a bullet. Also, shout out to the fantastic Julia Telles as Sandy! She was also on Bunheads and currently in The Affair!

Stray Observations

  • I’ve decided it’s weird without the theme song at the beginning
  • Emily: “My big bazookas are intruding on you?”
  • “Town meeting fire hydrants will be repainted according to the aesthetic of that corner/area.”
  • Somehow, during the spring festival the town looks 200% more like a backlot than usual. It looks like it would be the Connecticut pavilion at Epcot. (Actually, in general Stars Hollow is the Connecticut pavilion at Epcot, a thing I never knew I always wanted).
  • In general, there is so much more diversity in Stars Hollow since 2007!
  • Rory’s dresses are nice. So are Lorelai’s – and she’s back in the iconic DVF wrap dresses. And she still favors funky hats. In general, ASP had Netflix money to work with, so the wardrobe has been kicked up a lot of notches. Love it. And both of their hairdos are also fab!
  • Since when does Luke drink wine?
  • The scene with al the townies taking out food from outside, despite Kirk telling them not to – classic. Andrew’s cake and Babette and Morey’s mini grill killed me.
  • By the end of the revival, Berta’s entire extended family is going to be living in Emily’s house
  • Rory touching the painting and saying, “Hi Grandpa” TEARS.
  • I am loving these new Sam Phillips ‘La-Las’! And obvs enjoy the OG ones too!
  • Paris to Headmaster Charleston: Can I use your john?
  • Francie bringing up Paris never being Puffed was the best insult.
  • Paris being normal Paris then immediately being so nice and maternal to the kids when Doyle returns is A++. ALSO, I NEED PARIS AND DOYLE TO GET BACK TOGETHER
  • Lor tells Claudia, “It was always supposed to be Luke” OTP OTP OTP
  • Luke is at the diner and sees Emily come out of the car, and the only thing he can say is, “Oh no no no no no no no no no no”. Reminded me of one of my favorite little moments in the OG series:

  • After a back and forth with Sandy after she tells Rory she doesn’t get the job, Rory’s final come back to “Get lost!” is “Get… Shorty!”

Give It Up For The Gilmore Guys!

If you’ve arrived to our blog for the first time, it’s important you know that you will see multiple posts under tags like, “Amy Poehler”, “90s” and “Gilmore Girls”, among others. The latter of which, we dedicated an entire week to in June in preparation for our visit to the ATX Television Festival for the Gilmore Girls Reunion. Yeah, we’re those kind of bloggers.

Naturally, anything concerning the show would make us interested, including a little podcast called the Gilmore Guys. I first heard of it last December, since my friends know I’m a crazy Gilly (GG fan), they asked if I had listened to this podcast yet. The conceit is simple – a longtime fan (Kevin) and someone who had never seen the show before (Demi) discuss every episode in the show’s seven-season run. Ok y’all, full disclosure – I started listening to the first episode and I just couldn’t get through it. I felt like they were trying too hard to prove they were funny and entertaining, and I went in hoping for insightful criticism on GG’s pilot ep.

Fast forward to a few months later when they had Scott Patterson (#LUKEDANESDREAMMAN) on the show, and obviously I needed to tune in. Although this particular episode was an interview (Gilmore Gab, if you will) instead of the usual discussion of an episode, I noticed that they were much more interesting to listen to, and felt like they were finally comfortable behind the mic. That led me to download random episodes, which led me to stalking Kevin on Twitter and seeing his suggestion to follower about which eps to listen to as a first-timer… and I quickly became obsessed. All I would do was listen to the podcast, and at a rapid pace, might I add, because I wanted to get caught up. This lead me to start rewatching GG on Netflix from the beginning so I could following along at home while listening to the podcast. I’ve been even more obsessed with GG lately (if that’s even possible), and started telling anyone who’s ever watched an episode of the show about the podcast. And that’s what I’m going to do today for this post.


Where can I find the episodes?

Click here! Or ya know, use that Podcast app on your phone that you can’t delete.

Who is this podcast really for?

Gilmore Girls fans (both gals and guys) who like hearing a different perspective on the show with a comedy twist. This isn’t a serious in-depth podcast. You will legit LOL.

What’s the deal with these dudes?

Kevin is a freelance editor by time, longtime fan by night, and Demi works on social media/interactive components for @midnight, and first-time fan by night. They met through UCB (Upright Citizens Brigade, you n00bs), and exactly a year ago, Kevin sent out a tweet half joking about doing a podcast about the show, since it was about to launch on Netflix. Demi responded and the rest is history.

Photo Sep 14, 10 41 14 PM

Where did you take that picture? Who is that man in the middle?

Because I’ve reached the height of by obsession, I recently attended one of their live shows (AKA Town Meetings) in LA. They’ve already been to New York, Austin, Philadelphia and D.C., but since Kevin and Demi are based in LA, most of their shows are here. The guy in the middle is comedian Paul F. Tompkins, who was the guest for Episode 507, You Jump, I Jump Jack, which you Gillys might know as the Life & Death Brigade episode. Hence the tuxedos, umbrellas, and Out of Africa outfit.

There are guests?

Yes! Kevin & Demi rarely do an episode solo bolo, and often have one other person in the studio discussing the episode. The guests, usually comedians or in that world, either are fans of the show or, like Demi, have never seen it before.

Intriguing. So which episodes should I listen to as a first-timer?

Again, because folks know I’m hardcore, they’ve asked me about my thoughts on the podcast, or if I know my friends are Gillys, I’ll bug them to listen to episodes. In saying that, I created a Gilmore Guys Podcast Starter Kit, and now I’m sharing it with y’all! They’re currently at the beginning of season five, so there is plenty of time to catch up, and I’m sure many more great eps to come!

  • 207 Like Mother Like Daughter w/ Jeff Hiller
  • 208 The Inns & Outs of Inns w/ Jamie Woodham
  • 219 Teach Me Tonight w/ Sean Clements
  • 221 Lorelai’s Graduation Day w/ Aisha Muharrar
  • 222 I Can’t Get Started w/ DC Pierson
  • 307 They Shoot Gilmores, Don’t They? w/ Jason Mantzoukas
  • 309 A Deep Fried Korean Thanksgiving w/ Sarah Heyward
  • 316 The Big One w/ Aisha Muharrar
  • 401 Ballrooms and Biscotti w/ Jeff Hiller
  • 404 Chicken or Beef? w/ Anthony Troli
  • 413 Nag Hammadi Is Where They Found the Gnostic Gospels w/ Keiko Agena & Sarah Ramos
  • 414 The Incredible Shrinking Lorelais w/ Keiko Agena, Stacey Oristano, and Sarah Ramos
  • 421 Last Week’s Fights, This Week’s Tights w/ Aisha Muharrar, Mike DiCenzo and Mara Wilson
  • 422 Raincoats & Recipes w/ Jason Mantzoukas
  • 501 Say Goodbye To Daisy Miller w/ Todd Buonopane
Looks like some pretty awesome guests. Have they ever talked to any other members of the cast?

Why yes, yes they have! As previously mentioned, they had a Gilmore Gab with Scott Patterson, and recently interviewed Sean Gunn (Kirk) and Liza Weil (Paris). They’ve surprised fans at a NYC show by inviting Wayne Wilcox (Marty) to read some “lost scripts” – the full vid of which you can watch here -, and at the ATX Festival, Kevin had a chance to sit down with the Queen, Emily Gilmore aka Kelly Bishop. Also, they’ve interviewed executive producer Helen Pai and composer Sam Phillips (the ‘La Las’ singer), and maybe my fave gab, with casting directors Jami Rudofsky and Mara Casey, who are fantastically enthusiastic and give great insight on behind-the-scenes stuff.

Do I need to know anything before I dive into these?

My rule with any new TV show is to watch three episodes. If I still don’t like it after the third one, I quit. I’d say apply that rule to this podcast (even though I think you’ll only need one to get into them). Also, it helps if you’re a Gilmore Girls fan, new or old.

Ok, bottom line – why should I spend my time listening to this? And please be as thorough as possible with your answer, maybe even longer than you have to.

There’s probably no one more surprised to see the huge success of the podcast than Kevin and Demi themselves, but my theory is simple – it’s the perfect storm (the good kind, of course).

Gilmore Girls ended in 2007, wrapping with a seventh season many fans consider as its worst, since creator Amy Sherman-Palladino left due to failed contract negotiations at the end of season six. Moreover, they didn’t know if season seven was going to be its last or not, so what turned out to be the series finale was left open ended, leaving fans wanting more, and wanting closure.

I like to classify Gillys into three different groups – the OGs who watched it from the beginning and during its actual run (2000-2007), The Middle Sisters who started watching in the past few years thanks to ABC Family reruns and DVDs, and The Netflix Generation, who began to binge the entire series when it went up last fall.

Group all those together and you get a bunch of fans (most of whom are nostalgic-craving millennials) currently (re)watching Gilmore Girls, a show that ended eight years ago.  So when Kevin started this podcast last fall (around the time everyone was obsessed with Adnan Syed) because the show was going up on Netflix, he unknowningly had a huge fan base already.

Adding to the ‘perfect storm’ is Demi, someone who is popular on the Internet (just don’t call him a Vine star), funny, and up for anything, including agreeing to do a podcast for a seven-season show he’s never seen before and doesn’t even know if he’ll like. But that’s what makes the podcast interesting – no matter where you are in your Gilmore Girls ‘journey’, you can relate to either Kevin or Demi. Together, they make a great team and bounce off each other really well, with not only off-the-cuff jokes, but insights – by GUYS – that most female fans of the show haven’t heard that much of.

As mentioned, they frequently invite guests on the show, which makes the listener want to keep coming back each episode to hear a new perspective. Also, because of their connections to UCB and the comedy world, they’ve managed to score impressive guest stars like Jason Mantzoukas, Jessica St. Clair, Paul Scheer, and Paul F. Tompkins, and of course having Luke Danes hint that there could be a future for the show then getting picked up by hundreds of news outlets doesn’t hurt either.

In addition, it was a real blessing that the Gilmore Girls cast reunited at the ATX Television Festival in June, something that hasn’t happened since the show ended, adding even more attention to their podcast (and again, Scott mentioned it during the ATX panel). The resurgence of interest also rings true among the millenial fans of the show, who now work at places Rory would die for like The New York Times Magazine and The Washington Post, and can write articles about their favorite podcast.

In summation, this podcast is coming in hot at the right time, with a podcast by two insightful and hilarious hosts who *get* the show and treat it reverently, not like some extra-curricular hobby they have to take part in. Gilmore Guys is listed in the Comedy/Entertainment section for a reason, and you’ll soon see why.