Frankie Says Relax: Most Memorable Friends Fashion Moments

As one of the biggest shows of the 90s/00s, Friends provided a glimpse of what was hip in fashion that year – kind of like a video time capsule for horrible clothes (particularly with seasons 1 and 2). But with some of their questionable items of clothing, there was a story behind it, a memorable scene that will go down in Friends’ history. Here are just some of the standout fashion moments from all 10 seasons.

Rachel & Monica’s Prom Dresses

TOW The Prom Video {Season 2, Episode 14}

Oh Fat Monica. Bless. In one of the show’s first flashbacks, we were treated to a rare glimpse of these two best friends on the night of their prom. Makes me glad there’s no VHS evidence of my prom.

Monica’s Diner Uniform

TOW The Bullies {Season 2, Episode 21}

Monica’s lowest career moment came when she had to take a job at the Moondance Diner, and forced to wear a huge blonde wig, fake breasts, and rollerskates. At least she got to date a billionaire out of it.

Rachel’s Bridesmaids Dress

TOW Mindy & Barry’s Wedding {Season 2, Episode 24}

Rachel’s ex-fiancé married her former best friend/maid and Rachel served as her bridesmaid. Remember when she climbed out the window to avoid marrying Barry? Yeah, she should’ve thrown this entire outfit on the window and burned it.

Rachel in the Princess Leia Outfit

TOW The Princess Leia Fantasy {Season 3, Episode 1}

Because apparently all men who grew up in the Star Wars era have this fantasy.

Could I BE Wearing Anymore Clothes?

TOW No One’s Ready {Season 3, Episode 2}

You know this episode. You know this scene. You know the lines. And you now know what you can do if you ever need a last minute Halloween costume.

Ross’ Frankie Says Relax T-Shirt

TOW the Tiny T-Shirt {Season 3, Episode 19}

Post Ross & Rachel’s first breakup, he asks for his stuff back – including this shirt that Rachel used to sleep in. Obviously it’s so comfortable that Ross wore it to bed too.

Red Ross

TOW All the Rugby {Season 4, Episode 15}

Ross tries to act all tough and cool in front of Emily’s jock friends from England, except this is the face Ross makes when he’s mad and pumped up.

Rachel’s Cheerleading Uniform

TOW The Fake Party {Season 4, Episode 16}

Rachel throws a fake party to woo Joshua, and as a last ditch effort, she wears her high school cheerleading uniform, because apparently it ‘works every time’. bleeding lip aside, the uniform definitely worked.

Phoebe’s Maternity Pants

TOW All the Haste {Season 4, Episode 19}

Can you believe Phoebe’s new maternity pants are so big and comfortable to wear? They even came with a list of suggested baby names!

Monica, Rachel & Pheobe in Wedding Dresses

TOW the Wedding Dresses {Season 4, Episode 20}

Lesson: Never give Monica the responsibility of picking up your wedding dress. Lesson #2: If you’re pregnant, get your dress from a place called “It’s Not Too Late”

 Phoebe’s Fur Coat

TOW The Yeti {season 5, Episode 6}

This is a fur coat Phoebe got from her mother that she hates because she’s animal-loving vegetarian, but she just looks so damn good in it.

Ross & Chandler

TOW All the Thanksgivings {Season 5, Episode 8}

Miami Vice 2: Emotional Knapsack

Ross’ Paste Pants

TOW All the Resolutions {Season 5, Episode 11}

Ross’ leather pants incident has taught me to never use lotion and powder in an attempt to take them off. Also, never wear leather pants.

Joey’s Man Bag

TOW Joey’s Bag {Season 5, Episode 13}

It’s a murse.

Phoebe’s Bra

TOW Everybody Finds Out {Season 5, Episode 14}

It’s very, very nice.

Joey’s Porsche Swag

TOW Joey’s Porsche {Season 6, Episode 5}

If you own a Porsche and have ever worn anything like this, do me a favor and slap yourself for me.

‘It’s like the Easter Bunny’s funeral in here’

TOW The Holiday Armadillo {Season 6, Episode 10}

Who knew teaching Ben about Hanukkah would lead to the ultimate lesson in history?

Joey’s Attempt At Youth

TOW Monica’s Thunder {Season 7, Episode 1}

I say ‘sup with the whack playstation, sup’ anytime I feel old around teens. Which is all the time.

THE Red Sweater

TOW the Red Sweater {Season 8, Episode 2}

The answer to who owns this red sweater led to one of the greatest reveals in TV history. I remember screaming at the TV when Tag was wearing his own red sweater and turned out to be Ross’. SCREAMING.


TOW the Halloween Party {Season 8, Episode 6}

Honestly, Ross is the greatest.

Joey’s Thanksgiving Pants

TOW the Rumor {Season 8, Episode 9}

If you ever find yourself telling food ‘you are my Everest’, you should probs invest in maternity pants specifically for eating.

Monica’s Humidity Hair

TO in Barbados {Season 9, Episode 23/24}

Barbados Monica is absolutely nutso. And she didn’t make it any better when she got cornrows either.

Ross’ Pink Sweater

TOW the Birth Mother {Season 10, Episode 9}

Ross gets style advice from the group’s fashionista, Rachel, but her choices in clothing might have been a little too edgy when he showed up to his date wearing the same sweater as the girl.